Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scramblin' To Make It Write

                                                                                                 Julie Kemp Pick

No matter what I say,
I just can't get it right.
It turns out way too heavy,
When I try to keep things light.

I work on something fun,
And then I hit a nerve.
I try to shoot it straight,
But I'm always thrown a curve. 

It's nice to keep it simple,
Never digging in too deep.
Then it rages like a pimple,
Bursting into a flaming heap.

Messages get distorted,
All themes have lost their core.
The mission is aborted,
And I have to swim to shore.

No matter what I say,
It stabs me like a sword.
But they still keep coming back,
My reward is, they're not bored.


  1. Nope...we're never bored. Communication IS a tricky thing innit?

  2. This is a great poem, thanks for sharing.

  3. Things often seem to happen like this. Sometimes I think people create too much out of too little.

    Tossing It Out

  4. @mybabyjohn - Thank you and it is tricky!

    @Toyin O - Thanks for visiting and I will drop in on you!

    @Lee - Wise words from a wise man! Thanks Lee!

  5. I never get bored with what you write, most enjoyable as is this verse.

    Yvonne @

  6. Julie, I am really enjoying your poetry. No boredom here.

  7. Whew! What an amazing process writing can be, taking the writer for a ride just as much as the reader.

  8. Words is harder to use than we think, huh? When I first started writing they didn't scare me. Now I know better.

  9. You are a great poet .love your sexy neighbor .

  10. @Rhonda - Thanks so much Rhonda! It really means a lot coming from an "Overlord!"

    @Joanne - So true! I think I need to re-write my comment about the ease of taking risks on paper! Thanks Joanne!

    @Angela - I couldn't agree more! I think you realize that this is part 3 of an unexpected trilogy! Thanks Angela!

    @Sexy Neighbor - Thanks for the kind words! Now try to go to sleep, although you're much nicer in this foggy state! Julie

  11. LUV IT!!~Oh to be lite and lacking loom and gloom~ha! That will be the day when all my writing is light as a feather~Julie that was a wonderful poem~I love coming to your blog~It puts a smile on my face~I guess you're writing must have that "lite step" to it because I seem to smile a lot~Thanks for sharing! luv lou

  12. You always know the right thing to do and say!lrk

  13. @lou - Thanks for brightening my day - no my week! I really enjoyed your poem "Now," as I thought it was very inspirational in that we shouldn't take our lives for granted starting this moment! It was completely free of "doom and gloom!" Thanks again lou!

    @lrk - As do you my friend!

  14. Oh, I can relate! Writing anything is never easy. Great poem.

  15. Thanks Talli, sometimes it feels easier than others when the words just flow, but when you least expect it, they can go off into an exploding minefield! Julie

  16. Thanks for yet another smile. You managed to nail down the frustrations of writing perfectly. And honest, you're NEVER boring. And you like challenges, right? Huh, huh? I have a couple awards for you on my blog today, along with a little bitty, easy as pie challenge.

  17. @Susan - Thanks for sharing your awards with me Susan! I really like your creative list. You will be a very tough act to follow. Thanks also for your very kind words. Julie

  18. Hi Julie! I agree with others, I'm never bored by your writing. This is a great poem, as always.

  19. Thanks Julie! I really enjoy reading your blog too and can't wait to read your new published article! Julie

  20. I love this poem, Julie. It's interesting how a piece can have such a different impact on the author versus the reader.

    I found you through the other Julie's A-Z hop. Glad I did.
    Be well.