Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insecure Writer's Support Group: Can't Stanza Pressure


Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for leading another monthly meeting of The Insecure Writer's Support Group. Feel free to stop in, pull up a chair, and join in on these worthwhile discussions from around the world.

Can't Stanza Pressure

Cross the t's,
Dot the i's.
Proof the pages,
Prioritize, scrutinize, strategize.

Let the caffeine drip,
Careful not to burn.
You've waited long enough,
Now it's finally your turn.

The house is quiet,
But who to call?
Then you see the proverbial,
Writing on the wall.

The TV Guide highlights,
A movie of the week.
With a plot that's so familiar,
You let out quite a shriek!

A deep breath is taken,
You begin to unwind.
As you never got further,
Than the initial outline.

You'll get a fresh start tomorrow,
With a clear head.
Set a goal of 5000 words,
While watching sports in bed.

It's an ongoing saga,
That always ends the same.
Yet you can't stop playing,
The procrastination game.

-Julie Kemp Pick


  1. That was funny Julie. 5,000 words watching sports in bed. LOL I'd be lucky to get ten if I tried that. As far as plots go, there's nothing new under the sun, just a fresh twist. Thanks for you comments on my post.
    N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author

  2. Awesome title! Love it!
    Another poetry gem! Procrastination is getting the better of me right now as I visit blogs rather than write! Thanks for the reminder to STOP!

  3. Loved this, Julie!

    Now I have "Under Pressure" song running through my mind, haha.

  4. Ha! Yes, there's always tomorrow to get those 5000 words done. I am the queen of procrastination. Fun post. :)

  5. That was awesome, Julie! And that part about seeing a plot that was similar...well I just had that happen a few weeks ago. It was a very minor thing, but big enough for me to shriek out loud, "They stole my idea!"

    I don't suffer from procrastination, but rather a lack of focus. But I think I've just beaten that very thing today. I finally have a clear PLOT!! Now, if only I could find the time to write, you'd likely have to pry my fingers from the keyboard once I got started.

  6. Oh, I loved that. Writers have procrastination down to an art form. Don't we?

  7. You had me at "Can't Stanza Pressure." Great title. I love this poem, Julie! I can really relate except -gulp- are we supposed to outline our work first? I don't tend to make it that far.

    Be well.

  8. What a poem, and the title was genius. I'm actually living these words this evening as I watch bad TV.

  9. Is it bad that I can relate to this poem? It is, isn't it :P
    LOVE this poem!

  10. Nancy - Ten meaningful words under those circumstances would be quite an accomplishment! Thanks Nancy!

    Thanks Brianna, and we'll have to keep reminding each other!

    Isis - That is a great song! Thanks Isis!

    LG - Or should I call you QLG? Thanks for following me and I look forward to seeing more of you!

  11. Nancy - That must have been frustrating, but I'm thrilled that you came up with a plot! Good luck and I can't wait to read more about it!

    Mary - Likening it to an "art form" does lessen the pain! Thanks Mary!

    Robyn - I still think you're on a faster track than I am! Thanks Robyn!

  12. Julie - You're entitled to a break or two with raising a family, boards, and entertaining us all! I think you're just trying to make me feel better! Thanks Julie!

    Lynda - Yes it is very bad, but welcome to the club! Thanks for following me, and maybe some of your goodness will rub off on me!

  13. I love your title! I'm ashamed at how much I relate to this poem, as I'm the queen of procrastination and will find any excuse to continue my bad habits. The TV Guide cracked me up LOL.

    Have a great weekend, Julie!

  14. Some days it just works that way.
    Happy Weekend!

  15. Excellent poem and love the clever title. :)

  16. Julie - We should probably join forces and write about our best excuses! Thanks Julie!

    Carol - Hope you are having a happy weekend too!

    Joanne - Thanks for the kind words, and for visiting me! Now I'm off to your blog.

  17. Once again you've skillfully poeticized the story of my writing life. Nicely done.

    Wrote By Rote

  18. Excellent! And that's my favourite game too. :-)

  19. Lee - "Skillfully poeticized" has a nice ring to it, but you couldn't possibly accomplish all that you do if you were a procrastinator. Thanks Lee!

    Rosalind - I also don't think you give yourself enough credit, but I'll be happy to play it with you on one of your days off!

  20. It was so mice of you to write a poem about me! i just wish you'd picked one of my better qualities :)

  21. Susanna - Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is clearly about a man who can't get enough sports on TV. It isn't about you or me or anyone else we know including mice. I'll be happy to write something else about you at a later date. Julie

  22. Ha! Oh, I know that game way TOO well. Now why do I never win? :)

  23. Another brilliant poem that so many of us can relate too. The procrastination game is so prevalent.

  24. Talli - With 3 books plus a story all published within a year, you don't play fair!

    Thanks Rhonda, but I think that you are another example of someone who doesn't have time to procrastinate.

  25. The poem is typical of alot of people - hope it inspires someone to turn the TV off and to complete what they start!!

    Great poem!!

    Thanks for sharing! Betty