Tuesday, April 3, 2018

IWSG: The Wrong Number


It's time for another edition of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Be sure to visit Alex J. Cavanaugh and the rest of the talented writers who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

The following story is a blast from the past that I wrote in April of 2012. 

                                        The Wrong Number

Once upon a time before there was Caller ID, a young man named Stuart would call our house and ask to speak to Bonnie. I would tell him that there was no one here by that name, say goodbye and hang up. A week later he called again and we had the same conversation.

My mom overheard us talking and said, "Would it kill you to be Bonnie?"

I was 23-years-old, still living at home, and on the verge of becoming an old maid.

"No, I'm not gonna pretend to be someone else. We don't even know anything about this guy except that his name is Stuart, and he doesn't know how to dial a phone.

To which my mom replied, "Well, he seems nice."

This was a period in my life when I was working at a job that I loved, but I was in between boyfriends; while my mother and grandmother both had steady beaus of their own. Hence, my grandma hatched her own plan.

My grandma decided that she was going to fix me up with her friend's grandson, after discussing it with his grandmother on the bus. She had never met the grandson, and barely knew the grandmother, but what did I have to lose?

I thanked her and told her that I wasn't interested, but that didn't stop her from handing out my phone number.
He called a few days later, and we laughed about how funny the situation was. The fact that our grandmothers were desperately trying to fix us up, was hard not to find amusing, Since our conversation went so well, we agreed to go out on a date.

I remember that we went to see the movie "This Is Spinal Tap," and out for a nice dinner afterward. It was a fun evening, but we parted friends. We fulfilled our promises to our grandmothers, who may have sat on opposite ends of the bus from that point on and nothing more. 

My mom waited up for me to find out how our date went. I told her that we had a good time, but that I wasn't interested in going out with him again. Then she said that she had a feeling we weren't going to hit it off, but not to worry.

Before I could question why Mom announced, "Stuart called again, and I told him my Bonnie would call him back tomorrow."


  1. Wonderful story, Have a great April.


  2. Replies
    1. Hi Jennifer, I'm sorry but I couldn't find your blog. Hope you stop by again to send me a direct link.

      Thanks, Julie

  3. This is Spinal Tap - what a first date movie!
    So, whatever happened with Stuart?

  4. Ha! Ha! That's so funny. I could see my mom and grandma trying something like that too.

  5. So we should start calling you Bonnie? I love that your mom was so proactive.

  6. LOL, great story. My, they were persistent to get you partnered off!

  7. Yvonne - Thank you and hope you have a wonderful month too!

    Jennifer - Thank you so much, Jennifer!

    Alex - Yes, it was a great movie! I never called poor Stuart back. Hopefully, he found his Bonnie and they lived happily ever after! Thanks for hosting another great IWSG!

    Natalie - Yep, they were worried I'd miss my window! Thanks Natalie!

    Lee - It would have been funny if mild-mannered Stuart was really a "Clyde" type! Thanks Lee!

    Debra - Single at 23?! What an embarrassment to the family! Yes, they got an A+ for persistence! Thanks Debra!


  8. I remember this one from the last time around, but it's just as entertaining this time as it was then. Your stories are always fun. (And funny.)

  9. HA! Matchmakers at work. Cute story! :)

  10. How funny! Did you ever call Stuart? Did you go out with that date again?

  11. Now that is funny but I wonder what happened later...did you meet the caller ever or just thought he was a stalker?? Hahahaaa did you ever go on a second date??

  12. Hi Susan! Thanks for always cheering me on!

    Connie - Yes, they were a couple of matchmakers and my mom has now moved on to her grandsons! Thanks Connie!

    Susan - No and no My date was really a nice guy though, and I hope things worked out for him. Thanks Susan!

    Birgit - It's still a mystery. I don't think he was a stalker. He was just digitally challenged. We never went on a second date, but he was a nice guy. Thanks Birgit!


  13. Your mom is always a crack up, and now grandma too. Love this story. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh.

  14. Say Julie, I have a few Bonnies I need married off. Maybe I can borrow a few of these techniques. What do you think?

  15. Hi Rhonda - Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Yes, my grandma was a real character too. Thanks Rhonda!

    Victoria Marie - I also apologize for not seeing this sooner. I can't believe how this month has flown by. Feel free to borrow any of these techniques and please let me know if they help your Bonnies! Thanks Victoria Marie!