Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fueling A Grueling Day


      Thanks to Shelly Brown  for giving me the opportunity to participate in the
                                          Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest


Fueling A Grueling Day

Spreading out the feedbag,
Driving in the cattle.
Grazing at the trough side,
Mouths too full to battle.

Slurping, gurgling, tails a wagging,
A freak show of hoofing, clawing, scraping bottom.
As vultures swoop in for morsels long forgotten.

The critters are hosed down,
The sun is slowly setting.
Until the commotion stirs up again,
The moment we've been fretting.

Meal time at the old corral,
Open 24/7 all year 'round.
Thank goodness we don't have pets,
That would really bring us down.



  1. "A freak show of hoofing, clawing, scraping bottom" love it.

  2. Hi,

    Lovely, lovely, evocative smell of the cattle and country living. Felt the dust in my throat! ;)


  3. Haha, cute twist at the end :)

  4. This is great. It made me laugh.

  5. Haha, that made me laugh.

  6. I couldn't stop laughing at your last two lines :)

  7. Ha~ you should live in my house!~ Sh** up to my elbows sometimes! YUP~~~lol Great poem~~~Love yaxo

  8. head em up, move em out!
    yee haw!
    nice job =)

  9. Hi Julie .. loved this poem - I can just imagine all the critters doing their thing ..

    Hope you got my email of 9 July - re the comment box?

    Love everyone's comments too .. cheers Hilary

  10. @mbj/Delores - Thank you! It's survival of the fittest at my house!

    @Francine - Even your comments wax poetic! Thank you!

    @Joanne - Thanks for all of your support!

    @Angela - I really missed your poetry when you were on blogcation!

    @Rebecca - Thanks for following me! I can't wait to visit your blog!

    @Angie - Nice to have met you through the Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest! Thank you!

    @lou - In that case I'd feel right at home! Thanks Laura!

    @Tara - Rolling, rolling, rolling....You could bring a young Clint Eastwood over to my house anytime! On second thought, he's still tough enough to rope in my small herd! I look forward to reading your poem! Thanks Tara!

    @Hilary - Yes I did receive both of your emails. Thanks for the great tips! I know I got back to you after the first one, but didn't have anything new to report after that. Sorry if you thought that I forgot about you, and I hope you know that I appreciate all that you've done for me. Thanks again Hilary!

    @Katie - Thanks, I also enjoyed your poem!

  11. The ending made me giggle. Vivid imagery with this poem and underlying emotions. Very nice.

  12. Oh lovely, lovely...poetry that rhymes! I love that kind of poetry. Simple and straight to the point, easy to understand. I loved it! Pretty funny, too. Not an easy task in poetry. Wish I had the skill. Mine always come out cheesy.

    I'm a new follower. Come on over for a "cup of joe" sometime.

  13. @M Pax - Thanks so much Mary!

    @Nancy Thompson - I just read your blog and was very impressed! Thanks for following me and I'm sure your poetry isn't "cheesy!" Julie

  14. Do you really have cattle? That would be so cool...

  15. I really connect with this poem as it reminds me of my dad. He's an old cowboy and sounds a lot like him. Great job.

  16. As usual, you have a great ending! This is a wonderful poem, I felt like I was right there at the old corral. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Julie!

  17. @Christine - No, it just feels that way around feeding time! Thanks for stopping by from the blogfest!

    @Randy - Thanks and it's nice to meet you through the blogfest!

    @Julie - Your wonderful comments always make my day! Have a great weekend too! Julie

  18. Thanks for the laugh. I am really enjoying your poetry.

  19. Don't we know it!
    Love your poetry!

  20. @Simon - Thanks and I'm sure you're enjoying the blogfest as much as I am!

    @Rhonda - Thanks and I can always count on you for a good laugh too!

    @lrk - I should have posted your poem about our first meeting when you moved across the street when we were kids. Now that was a poem! Julie

  21. Yeah, girl! Awesome!
    This is Sue. The one who still can't figure out how to post as myself!

  22. I've never seen cows in feeding action. Yeah, I know - sheltered life!

  23. I have two little boys (three if you count hubby) and I have to say, I got the biggest laugh out of this because it reminded me so much of the craziness of getting everyone fed, bathed and shuttled off to bed. Very nice!

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  25. @Sue - I thought you wouldn't mind the critters, as you recently hosted a possum!

    @Alex - Maybe not, but you do know a thing or two about driving cattle!

    @Julie - My boys are much older and hungrier now, and on some days it's difficult to even find their beds! Thanks for following me! Julie

  26. Oh for a minute there I was thinking that you might actually be talking about cattle- 'cause that just sounds like meal time at our house (4 boys). But when I realized that is what the poem was about I related to it a lot more.
    Funny stuff!
    We don't have pets either...for the same reason.

  27. @Shelly - You have 4 boys and you still found the time to host Poetry Schmoetry? Now I'm even more impressed! This has really been a lot of fun, and I've met a lot of interesting poets including you! In addition to everything else, thanks for following me! Julie

  28. I love this poem, Julie. It sounds like your typical American family's mealtime. Great ending.

  29. That's so funny and thanks for introducing me to this blogfest I hadn't heard of it before. I've just nipped over and joined but I think I may be a bit late.

  30. @Robyn - Thanks and I can't wait to hear about your adventures at camp!

    @Rosalind - I signed up late myself on Tuesday, but you should still visit some of the other blogfest members. I'd be thrilled to read your poems anytime! Thanks Roasalind!

  31. Haha, wonderful, and all too familiar!

  32. hmm...more blogspot problems! I'll try again.
    I loved this and am inspired to do some chicken poetry.. poultry in motion...
    Jan Morrison - have to make this anonymous because of aforementioned blogspot probs. But I'm Jan Morrison...

  33. @Shannon - Thanks, but we just have to enjoy it, because they grow up so fast!

    @Jan - I love "poultry in motion" and I can't thank you enough for being my 100th follower! Julie

  34. I love the changing rhythm of this poem! It's fantastic! The longer lines in the middle really make it unique and have such a wonderful aliveness to them. This was so much fun to read. It made me laugh and feel such a part of the animal's world! Thanks! I'm sorry I didn't get to your blog last week during Shelly's blog fest - it was a crazy week. But I'm so glad I got here now!

  35. Thanks Brenda! I wish I had teachers that were as enthusiastic as you are! Congratulations on making the final 4! Julie

  36. That was quite a vivid image. You sure you don't need a dog or two to help with round up?

    Tossing It Out

  37. Love the bit at the end! :)

    And thank you for your kind words about my nove. Yay!

  38. Er, novel. Yeah, I'm a writer, ha!

  39. @Lee - It might be easier to train the dogs!

    @Talli - Noves are the new novels! I'm loving The Hating Game! It's a fun fast-paced read, it's just a shame that I'm not a fast-paced reader, but I promise to finish it before Willow comes out!