Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fly Dumping Fiasco

                                                                                                Julie Kemp Pick

According to the Urban Dictionary, "The act of throwing your garbage in someone else's trash to hide where the garbage came from" is fly dumping. I recently heard of such  an event at a dinner party.

A friend of mine was doing some major spring cleaning, when she ran out of room in her garbage containers. She would've gladly donated some of the items, but everything was in poor condition. Shoes were missing their mates, combs were missing their teeth, crayons were missing their colors, you get the point. In the meantime, my friend decided to store the garbage overnight in her garage until she came up with a plan.

The next day, she loaded up three large trash bags in her car, and headed off to work. She managed a  boutique near an Italian restaurant. My petite friend proceeded to place these enormous bags in the waste receptacle in the back of the restaurant, before she walked a few doors down to her store. She was an early riser, and opened up the boutique several hours before the Italian restaurant started business.

At nightfall she closed up shop and drove home, but never made it in the garage. Her driveway was covered in garbage. It took her hours to clean up the layers and layers of disgusting garbage in the pouring rain. After the last bag was tied up, she found a piece of paper that must have slipped out. It was a napkin with the name of the Italian restaurant written on it.    

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  1. Most enjoyable read. Loved it.


  2. Now that is a good F story,

    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  3. Remind me to never "fly dump" at an Italian restaurant! LOL

  4. Good story! I have one too. At work, one of the employees put personal home garbage in an outside dumpster. The next day a big 4'x4' was propped up for all to see it. It had the woman's full name with a note "Come get your garbage!" Three bags of garbage sat beside the sign. Guess she won't do that again!

  5. That's a great story, but I feel sorry for your friend.

  6. I have never heard that expression, but I'm guilty of using a dumpster I wasn't supposed to, luckily for me I didn't get caught. Although I dumped a broken bookcase at an apartment complex I figured even if someone saw me it was a big complex and they would probably assume I lived there. Next time I'll think twice before giving that another try.

  7. Thanks Yvonne and Elaine!

    Jeffrey - Something tells me you will never have that problem.

    Dawn - Thanks for finding me and I loved your garbage story. I look forward to following you.

    Noemi - Thanks, don't worry she got over it.

    Spence - Thanks for following me. I couldn't find the follow button on your site. I'll try again later. I think you're safe from the apt. complex garbage police!


  8. Julie, I am so, so glad you found my blog, commented, and that I FINALLY have time to return the visit. You provided mirth, laughter and general thoughts of "I've just got to read this to my hubby"
    Sue@JumpingAground (alliteration & drabbles)
    Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)