Saturday, April 16, 2011

Never Say Never To Nudism

                                                                                                 Julie Kemp Pick 

It's taken most of my life to realize the importance of never saying never, until I came across an ad for a  nudist club. The White Thorn Lodge in Darlington, PA is listed in the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), and it is clearly "not a clothing optional resort. What makes this stand out from many others is that this is a "family nudist club." 

Well it's been a while since we've taken a family vacation and our kids don't really enjoy shopping or museums. Another draw is that the lodge is " Home of the Original Nude Volleyball Superbowl," and they really do love sports.

The only swimwear requirement is that babies must wear some form of plastic pants in the pool. I never did like trying on bathing suits, and I do get over-heated in my three-piece, so hanging around the pool au naturel might not be so bad. I'm sure my 19 and 22 year old boys would want to be first in line with us for the family swim.

It would be wonderful not to have to deal with packing, as we'd each board the flight with a baggie filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste and sunscreen. I would probably want to include some body bronzer  for those hard to reach areas, and some waterproof duct tape for windy days. Sunglasses would be my only accessory.

After we arrived, we'd have to adhere to the lodge rule of always carrying a towel to sit on. And I was worried about hygiene.

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  1. I'm afraid it I went nude I would clear a beach in seconds, but good for those who can and will go nude. Good luck to them.


  2. When it comes to nudity I have a simple rule. (you must know I live in Ontario first) Here it is....."Wear clothes, keep Ontario beautiful". There is something just nasty about peoples bits and bobs jiggling around in public.

  3. I liked the way the last two comments put it. I don't want to clear a beach either, nor do I want to find my body photographed for Ripley's Believe It or Not. And all those jiggling body parts are just not for me in public. I prefer they keep them under wraps.

  4. OMG Julie, is this for real? Too funny. I can't think of anything funnier than the look on my girls face tomorrow morning when I tell them we are going here (of course we are not, but the look will be worth it).

  5. Your post is hilarious! I'm just speechless and laughing like the same time. This has to be the best "N" post ever.

  6. I've never gone to a nudist resort but hey, you're right: never say never!

  7. You are too funny!

    Other than that, all I can say is. . .

    Eww, eww, eww!

    Ugh, ugh, ugh!


  8. I know you should never say never, but a nudist beach is one experience I'm almost certain I will never have.
    LOL, at the comments to this post!

  9. Hi, Julie,
    Oh my Gracious Me! What a sight I would be to see!
    Never would I show my avoirdupois
    For fear someone would call the Law,
    Because of all those I'd scare to death,
    And still kill others who would die
    Just from laughter and holding their sides.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and "following" me.
    You are such an excellent writer. I am enjoying reading the posts. Ruby

  10. @Yvonne - I'm sure you'd find many admirers!

    @mybabyjohn - Love the part about "bits & bobs!"

    @Jeanne - I like the idea of keeping things under wraps too. Thanks for visiting and following me. I'll do the same.

    @Rhonda - Supposedly it's a legitimate place. Did you start packing yet?

    @Dawn - Thank you for such a tremendous compliment!

    @Talli - I'm sure all of your followers would be thrilled to join you there!

    @lrk - Are you ok now?

    @Rachel - I completely agree!

    @Grammy - So excited to learn the word avoirdupois! Maybe I'll be able to pronnounce it soon! Thanks for visiting and for the encouragement. Julie

  11. Imagining a teen's face when told they were going on a family nudist vacation just made my day. Haha!

  12. Too funny! I'm an amateur radio operator, and one of the things we do is work special events stations just for the fun of it. There's a huge nudist group who frequently run a special event station, and their call sign is N5UDE. First time I worked them, they sent me a full-color brochure, inviting me to join them. (Not in THIS lifetime!)But whenever I speak to one of them on the radio, I always ask if they remembered to bring lots of sunblock. (There's sunburn, and then there's SUNBURN!)

  13. Thanks Shannon--it's not like my kids are begging to go anywhere with me, when I'm fully dressed!

    Thanks Susan - I don't even want to think about the peeling parts!

  14. Hi Julie!,
    Just discovered your blog, what a funny post. The Nude Volleyball Super Bowl made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to following you! :)

  15. From what I have heard, most of the people going should be called, hanging all areas. Count me out, but send pictures! Lamp Chop.

  16. @Julie - Thanks for visiting and following me.
    I enjoyed your story, but for some reason the follower button isn't working on my end. I'll keep trying.

    @Lamb Chop - Sorry to report they don't allow cameras in these places. I'd try to sneak one in, but where would I hide it?