Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer's Swan Song

                                                                                                  Julie Kemp Pick

The days are getting shorter,
The house has lost its zest.
Everything is now in order,
Though I'd rather have the mess.

No more waiting up all night,
Grateful for what the cat dragged in.
Check-out time is after midnight,
Wondering if I'll ever see my car again.

Lakeside walks, playful lollygagging,
The smell of delicious barbecue fills the air.
Wishing I hadn't wasted precious time nagging,
Hence everyone's memories would be held so dear.

Summer ales; ailing hearts plead for its return,
The boys are quickly growing into men.
The sun is fading, yet it stings the burn,
My husband is stuck alone with me again.


  1. Hi Julie .. lovely poem signalling the end of those long hazy days of summer .. boys home, piles of friends ... and piles of .. the things that make a home .. and lots of conversation, joy and happiness - now comes the quietness of togetherness - enjoy .. cheers Hilary

  2. Wonderful poem Julie, I could imagine what you were writing about, A good read.


  3. I'm not ready for summer to end but end it will..the light is changing, the mornings are cooler. We need to make the best use we can of these last few decent days before we start wearing light jackets and the march is on to winter. Lovely but sad poem.

  4. Hopefully he likes spending time with you. My husband woke me up early this morning to ask about the laundry, arrrrrrrrrrg.

  5. So sad but they'll soon be back to visit and then you'll be clearing up and wondering where your car is again!

  6. That's a beautiful poem--kids leaving home is so bittersweet. Although maybe you and hubby can start a new hobby. I vote snorkling. Although I hear planking is the new rage.

  7. Wonderful poem. My son has flown the nest too. Fortunately, he lives just two blocks away... whew. Still, it's empty without him at home.

    This is the second blog post that has me thinking of the song "Turn Around." The lyrics of that always bring tears to my eyes.

  8. The house sure is quiet after everyone leaves, isn't it? Lovely poem.

  9. @Hilary - I hope you mean piles of laundry! "Quietness of togetherness" has a nice ring to it! Thanks Hilary!

    @Yvonne - Thanks for the kind words!

    @mbj/Delores - Great idea to take advantage of the wonderful weather while it lasts!

    @Alex - I do love the fall colors!

    @Angela - My husband also likes to have conversations with me when I'm on the phone, sleeping, or stepping into a crowded elevator! Hope you went back to sleep!

    @Rosalind - Let the good times roll!

    @Julie - Planking is so last week! We're really into horsemaning now! Please try to keep up!

    @Doralynn - Only 2 blocks away is an ideal situation! Now I can't stop singing Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Rait and Turn, Turn, Turn by The Byrds! Thanks Doralynn!

    @Susan - It's so quiet that now I'm more aware of all the house settling noises! That will fade once the raccoons get bored and start jumping on the roof again! Thanks Susan!

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  11. ***Note To Doralynn - It's Bonnie Tyler not Bonnie Raitt (with 2 T's)! Just in case anyone really reads this! Julie

  12. I actually quite like the return to routine again in September. This autumn is going to be crazy, but I'm looking forward to it!

  13. Lovely poem, Julie. I really liked the idea of summer as a metaphor for your sons' youth as well.

    You always end with a funny line, I had to laugh about your husband stuck alone with you. I bet he doesn't feel that way.

  14. @Talli - Great things will be happening for you and Willow!

    @Julie - You always go out of your way to say the right thing! I'm lucky that he's such a good sport! Thanks Julie!

  15. Aw beautiful poem! I love how well you conveyed the love and nostalgia. :-)

  16. I'd like our high heat to go away so we could actually enjoy summer.

  17. Carol, I will be thinking cool thoughts for you! Try to stay close to the freezer! Julie

  18. That's a great poem, Julie. I really like "yet it stings the burn." Must be a time of mixed emotions. You're stuck with your husband too, so I assume it balances out. (?) =)

  19. Excellent poem Julie, I almost missed it. I hope you don't feel "stuck."

  20. @Robyn - Yes it is all about " balance!" The sting is that it hurts when they leave, but I know they're having some of the best times of their lives! Oh and they are learning a thing or two! Thanks Robyn!

    @Rhonda - Don't you know me well enough by now not to take me too seriously? I was trying to end on a light note. Ha, you had me going there! Thanks Rhonda!

  21. That's great news for hubby, right? My wife and I both work out of the home and we're stuck together. Overall it works out well.

  22. Stephen, I think that is a great arrangement! Especially if you have a big house! Thanks for dropping by! Julie


  24. lou, I'm very glad and fortunate to have them! Thanks for reminding me! xoxo

  25. Ha, I love that last line! Being that Seattle hasn't had much of a summer, it won't be too hard to let it go. Now that fall is around the corner, I'm ready to start writing again. I think the depressing Seattle gloom is more conducive to writing. So I won't complain.