Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ghoulish Choices

                                                                                               Julie Kemp Pick

She thought it a strange meeting place,
To show up at a Halloween dance.
Dressed in costumes before they met face to face,
Though the mystery had an air of romance.

She piled her hair in an updo,
And sprinkled on powders and potions.
She put on a long dress with matching shoes,
In the hope she wasn't just going through the motions.

She was tall, shy and unobtrusive,
Yet somehow she seemed to scare men away.
She hoped her blind date wasn't verbally abusive,
Like the last guy's mother who made her temples gray.

It wasn't hard to spot his red carnation,
For once she didn't feel self conscious in her heels.
As she gazed up at him with nervous trepidation,
While his zipper neck only added to his appeal.

He knew all the latest dances,
As he gracefully swept her off her feet.
With a poke from his bolt, she still took her chances,
She had her good eye on the prize and victory was sweet.

They didn't want the night to end,
But when the DJ announced, "Time to remove your masks."
They watched the others become themselves again.
As she tugged on his peridot complexion, the crowd began to gasp!

After the crowd quickly fled;
Frank whisked his future bride,
Off to their lightning charged wedding bed.
Where they stormed the village side by side.


  1. Hi Julie .. what a wonderful transportation of a poem .. all the fun and perhaps ghoul of story appearing in the local village press. Loved it - thank you ..

  2. Surprise (rhymes with ghoul)

  3. Awesome! I figured the ending would have some kind of twist and you didn't disappoint :)

  4. The misfits will rise up and conquer! Loved this, such a fun tribute to the season.

  5. Hilary, If this does show up in the press, lock your doors and hide in the cellar! Thanks Hilary!

    Delores, Thanks for the bonus rhyme!

    Susanna, Your stories never disappoint me either! Thanks Susanna!

    Thanks Alex!

    Julie, Thanks I had fun writing it!

  6. I really like these twist endings of yours.

  7. Well done. Fun, and great twist of fun at the end.

  8. Thanks Angela, You are the Queen of surprise endings!

    Rhonda - Thanks for not asking if this was based on my life!

  9. Hi,

    Well thought out, beautifully composed with vivid imagery and masterful ending.

    Very interesting.

  10. Cute!


  11. Joseph, Thanks for such an enthusiastic review! It's great to meet you and I will visit your blog!

    Talli, Thanks so much!

    Joyce, Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Perfect for Halloween!
    There's someone for everyone :)

    There's also something for you waiting on my blog.

  13. Thanks for the wonderful award Carol, and I'll have to also thank my mother for naming me Julie!

  14. I totally missed this last week, Julie, so glad I found it now. What a great poem! I was wondering if you would have another great twist and I loved the ending. Great Halloween spirit, I loved reading this. :)

  15. Julie, this poem stirs the imagination - and it draws you in!! Very romantic!

    Great job!

    Thanks for sharing, Betty!!