Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IWSG: Wise Revisions


I originally wrote this for the second official IWSG meeting in October 2011. The group has grown so much since then, and continues to flourish under the leadership of   Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Wise Revisions
Writing helps connect the dots,
That open worlds of wonder.
Reading in between the lines,
Turn clear skies into thunder.

Waiting for the inspiration,
Sequestered in a silent rage.
Staring at an empty screen,
Wishing words upon the page.

Suddenly the switch turns on,
While ideas churn like butter.
At last the curse is lifted,
As butterflies converge to flutter.

Plagued by second thoughts,
Weary of a cool reception.
Any hopes of turning heads,
Are fueled by misconceptions.

Regrets I have many,
Nervous twitches I have but few.
If only I had begun at twenty,
Should haves adhere to me like glue.

The phone rings, changing tones,
There's talk of staging a tour.
My hair, my shoes, what will I say?
Thank goodness, I'm not insecure.


  1. Wonderful poem great to read.


  2. What a lovely spoke to me in many ways. I think we all have "should haves"---just remind yourself you did the best you could back then. =)

  3. Yvonne - Thanks so much Yvonne! Sadly, I still can't get on your site.

    Cynthia - Thanks for the encouraging words Cynthia! It's true that we can't change the past.

  4. Thank goodness, Julie! I can relate to every line of this wonderful poem, especially, "If only I had begun at twenty." Very nice.


  5. Awesome! I can relate to the *should haves*. Here's to hoping my switch turns on and my ideas start churning.

  6. Well, hurrah for that! Not being insecure is quite an achievement. :)

  7. Very clever. And I'm with you on the "should haves." Good thing none of us is insecure, right? :)

  8. A great poem. I was especially captured by the idea of starting at twenty. How strange that would have been and how wonderful. It brings up great imaginings. Thanks.

  9. Very nice and I can really relate to that!

  10. I love this! I wish I could say I wasn't insecure about my writing though =)

    Great poem!

  11. "If only I had begun at twenty," <-- Isn't that the truth!

    Nicely written. Maybe it's about time I wrote a real poem or two rather than the whimsical little rhymes I scribble out here and there. By golly, I think you've encouraged me, Julie!

  12. Robyn - You've recently published a beautiful poetry book, thus relinquishing your should haves and regrets. Thanks Robyn!

    Jenn - I have lots of faith in you! Thanks Jenn!

    Al - Uh oh that's not what I meant. Now I'll have to re- write this! Look what you've done Al!

    Luanne - You have so much to be proud of, and lots to look forward to! Thanks Luanne!

    Yvonne - There are so many reasons for starting later in life. I know that I appreciate everything more now. Thanks Yvonne!

    Mark - I'm glad that it struck a chord. Thanks Mark!

    Elsie - We all are in some way. That's why the IWSG is so popular. Thanks Elsie!

    Jeff - I loved your Won Fowl Knight poem! You can throw in a serious poem once in a while, as long as you don't lose the funny ones. Thanks Jeff!

  13. loved this poem! Fun, witty and inspiring!

  14. Awesome poem! Thanks for posting it again. It seems so long ago...

  15. You're so awesome!! I, too, wish I'd started at twenty. But 50 ain't so bad either.

  16. Great poem girlfriend. You are describing me.

  17. Thanks so much Nutschell!

    Alex - Way back in 2011, and now the IWSG is stronger than ever! Thanks Alex!

    Nancy - You've already published a wonderful book, and you don't even look close to 50! Thanks Nancy!

    Mary - You're working twice as hard as anyone to spread good cheer in the blogging community. You are someone that I greatly admire, and I'm proud to be your girlfriend. Thanks Mary!

  18. I love this poem! All of us writer's can identify with the feelings you wrote about. It really made me smile. Thanks! :-)

  19. Hi Julie,

    Very clever and very thoughtful. Thank goodness you're not insecure! :)


  20. Hey Julie! I can identify with the should haves... but remember, according to the bigger picture, there's a time for everything....
    Thanks for the early morning smiles!

  21. Thanks Gary!

    Michelle - We do have much to be grateful for! Thanks Michelle!

  22. Love this! Thanks for posting it again so more can read.
    Happy Weekend :)

  23. Should haves adhere to me like glue is such a great line. I can't get those dang things off me no matter what I do.

    I'm glad you shared this again, I loved reading it. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, Julie!

    1. Julie - You should be basking in the joy of Polar Night, and also be proud of all the progress you've been making on your new book. You've accomplished too much for any should haves to bring you down.

      Hope you're having a great weekend too Julie!

  24. I really like this! Especially "Staring at an empty screen,
    Wishing words upon the page." So me today!

    1. Meradeth - I'm sure it's only temporary! Thanks Meradeth!

  25. You described it so well! Great job and well worth a repost.

  26. Thank you Lynn!

    Nick -I'm so happy that Overcoming Adversity is out in paperback, and can't wait to receive my copies! Thanks Nick!

  27. Wow. I am sure I read it back in 2011 and had the same reaction. I have never done poetry and am always in awe of yours.

    Or a shorter comment: Nicely done.