Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inexcusably Insipid Incidents

Soaked: Water rains down on the cast of Shameless in a new poster promoting Season 2 of the Showtime series

While I was researching really stupid things that other people do, I came across some inexcusably insipid incidents involving drug testing. One false method occurred when a juvenile defendant passed out after drinking bleach to mask the drugs in his system. According to Snopes, "Not only is this scheme ineffective, but it's also potentially quite harmful, as drinking bleach can wreak serious damage on the human throat, stomach and digestive tract."

All bleach containers have dangerous warning labels with first aid instructions if accidentally ingested. I get nervous even washing my clothes with bleach, and saw how it destroyed an innocent pair of black pants that I was foolishly wearing at the time.

Years ago, actor Tom Sizemore made headlines for having a little help taking a drug test. He used a prosthetic penis called "The Whizzinator." When the sample came into question because it wasn't within the normal temperature range, he confessed to being on crystal meth. He even showed them the apparatus in the trash can.

The most disgusting method of doctoring a drug test occurred on a recent episode of the Showtime series Shameless. Before the drug addict alcoholic father's (William H. Macy) urine test, he poured his own sample into a plastic drinking cup for storage, and popped a Valium to calm his nerves.

Later he submitted his specimen in the men's room, as a court appointed official viewed him from behind. Due to the miracle of television, he passed with flying colors. Remarkably his ability to hold his breath was nothing to spit at.


  1. I had no idea people could get so creative when it comes to stuff like this!

  2. It's kinda sad the lengths at which people will go to in order to pass a drug test.

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  3. Cynthia - Neither did I. If only they used that creativity for good.

    Mary - They'll do anything not to get caught, and to continue using. I watch a lot of TV. It is very sad.


  4. Drinking bleach? Well, I guess that's one way to get out of a drug test: die.

    This was as creative as always, Julie. Stupid people are great for mockery.


  5. A bit drastic but I suppose there are people who will do anything to hide drugs in their bodies.


  6. The Whizzinator? Necessity really is the mother of all invention. :)

    A guy at my husband's work tried to get past a drug test by submitting animal urine (dog or horse, can't remember which). I don't even want to know how you collect the sample.

  7. William H's character, talk about gross!

  8. Eew. That's all quite disgusting. It's unbelievable how stupid some people can be... bleach?!? Really?!?!?

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    A to Z Ambassador

  9. It sounds like an awful show. Is it supposed to be educational?

  10. Robyn - That was dangerously stupid. Fortunately, he survived. Thanks Robyn!

    Yvonne - It is frightening what some people will put themselves through.

    Lynn - It is quite disturbing.

    Luanne - It might have been difficult to fit the horse in the urinal!

    Jen - His character is gross, but he really grows on you!

    Jamie - I don't know where that crazy idea originated.

    Yvonne - His character runs out on his family, and leaves his 21 year old daughter to raise his 5 other kids. They're very poor, and do whatever it takes to survive. The kids all love, and lookout for each other despite their hardships. I didn't like it at first, but now I really appreciate the wild story lines. It does have many hard to watch scenes, but there's lots of humor mixed in. It's not for everyone though, and definitely contains many R rated scenes.

  11. Oh my gosh this almost made me gag. I've never seen this show but I don't think I'll start now LOL.

  12. Yikes. Since I never got into the drug scene and don't know anyone who is, this is so hard for me to relate to. I want to take the easy way out and just bang heads together and say things like "That is so stupid!" "How can you be so stupid to think that would work." It's rather horrifying to think that people actually do that.

  13. Julie - I literally just came over from your blog! You know how you watch something that is so shocking, yet you still stay glued to the TV? That's how this show is. Once you get to know the characters it's really good in a disturbing kind of way. I think you might like it Julie.

    Mary - Sadly, even if they stopped trying these ridiculous methods, they'll still be looking for other scams. Just don't hang around any street corners Mary!

  14. I could be sick at any moment. How amazingly stupid humans can be.

  15. Drinking bleach to clean the drug..hmmm. Is it like eating raw rice and then drinking boiling water to cook it inside the stomach? Some people's brilliance amaze me sometimes.

  16. okay thats just stupid. Why would anyone drink bleach??

  17. People do stupid things, esp. when their lives are screwed up by drugs. If they survive at all, they should take that as a second chance at life.

  18. As the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction. I heard a popular thing with today's teenagers is putting drops of vodka in their eyes to get drunk fast and mask the smell from their parents. Of course when they burn their retinas, they have other problems...

  19. Lee - Sorry if this made you feel sick. Unfortunately, nothing effects my appetite.

    Al - I never thought of it that way, but the uncooked rice would also be pretty tough to swallow.

    Nutschell - They probably were not of the right mind when they tried it.

    Michael - It is a great show in an off-the-wall kind of way. We just started watching it this year, and now I want to catch up on the episodes from last season. Though I must stress again that it's not for everyone.

    Susan - They should, but in many cases they continue their horrible habits.

    Talya - Wow, that definitely tops my list! I've never heard of this before, but it sounds like something that some underage kids would fall for. The burning of the retinas may take a long time to detect, and by then it could be too late. Hopefully, this is just an urban legend, but it's a good reminder for us to communicate with our children.

  20. Pretty bizarre, the lengths people will go to!

  21. Eew! That's quite a testament to the stupidity of people or perhaps their cleverness, but in a bad way. Why can't people "Just say no"?

  22. Sherilee - It is "pretty bizarre" that some people will needlessly endanger their lives.

    Lexa - These are extreme examples of what some people will go through to continue using drugs. They think that they're being "clever" if they can beat the system. Sadly, they are ruining their lives, as well as their loved ones. You're right it would be so much better for everyone involved if they would "just say no."

  23. Eeeww, it took me a minute, but then I realized and eeeww, just eewww. However, I am a bit over it as I am still laughing about the Wizzinator.

  24. Stupid is as stupid does...or something like that. LOL

  25. Shameless is the perfect word to describe anyone who'd go to these kinds of lengths to try and pass a drug test. What's even more appalling is that there are actually products that help you get favorable results. Glad that the people analyzing these tests are on top of the matter and are bringing these situations to light so others can learn. Thanks for sharing, Julie!