Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nighttime Aerobics

                                                                                                 Julie Kemp Pick

Left, right, twist, turn,
Nothing is working
To fight off the burn.

One, two, three kick
Flexing, stretching
While the clock ticks.

Booming sounds to and fro
Swatting, punching
Nowhere else to go.

Pillows flying, sheets galore
Taking off layers
Hot flashes no more.

A new dawn,
Hubby wakes feeling fantastic
Wife lets out a yawn
While snuggling in her casket.


  1. I think I posted a short poem a few months ago that was similar to this entitled "All Night Long". I'm with you sister.

  2. Julie~very good~Powerful ending~left me really thinking~went back to read it twice~My kind of poetry! yes~keep it flowing~ :)

  3. @mybabyjohn - I went back to look for your poem, but couldn't find it. I would love to see it unless your's is better! Julie

    @Laura - Thanks Laura! I just read your lovely poem which is very inspiring!

  4. Remember back in the days when we could sleep soundly for 10 hrs???????

  5. Nice, your verses have a great tossing-and-turning rhythm to them, a perfect parallel to your sleep, or lack thereof :/

  6. @Chris - On some days we would sleep 10 hours straight and still have afternoon naps in college! Let's go back one weekend.

    @Joanne - Thanks, this is all pretty new to me, so I still have a lot to learn about poetry.

  7. Well done Julie. I haven't attempted a poem yet. It somehow seems much more difficult than just to write. Congrats on a success.

  8. The last line is really a kicker. I did not see that coming.

  9. Wow, the last line, the last line!

    Wonderful, Julie!

  10. Hi Julie .. certainly a reader stopper - your last line .. night-time aerobics .. guess I'm like that - cept no husband, and I'm still here .. and could I sleep for a good catch up so that it'd overtake the yawns! Cheers Hilary

  11. @Rhonda - I thought I'd try something new during A-Z, after I discovered so many great poems! Thanks Rhonda!

    @Angela - Such a huge compliment coming from the Stephen King of poetry! Thanks Angela!

    @Talli - Maybe I could write you a little diddy about a skin crawler, footballer! Thanks Talli!

    @Hilary - Hope you get a good nights sleep! Thanks Hilary!

  12. You did a great job capturing the misery of night sweats. Can't say that I miss those suckers. I did find an interesting way to fight 'em when I had 'em, though. We had a heated water bed at the time, so every morning when I was making the bed, I'd nudge the thermostat down a smidge. Was working great until the morning my husband jumped up out of bed and stood there glaring at me like a ticked-off gorilla. He said, "I can't stand it! You're sucking all the heat out of my body!" End of water bed. (sigh)

  13. Thanks Susan! Great water bed story! As far as the night sweats go, I'm either freezing or sweating, so I'm constantly changing my wardrobe throughout the night, while my husband snores away!

  14. This is so well done! I love the rhythm of the peace, it's fabulous. I'm sorry for the night sweats!

  15. Julie, I just read your blog and am so excited that you got published! I would love to hear the details. It's so nice that you're offering a giveaway to celebrate your 6 months of blogging! Congratulations, it couldn't happen to a more deserving person! Thanks for your kind words! Julie

  16. Menopause sounds wonderful -NOT. I've had a few daytime hot flashes, but nothing like the nightly aerobics.

  17. Joyce - We just have to laugh about it and not let it get to us. Things can always be worse.