Monday, May 14, 2012

First Loves Blogfest


Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting the First Loves Blogfest today where we are asked to write about the first movie, first song/band, first book, and first person we ever loved. Be sure to visit Alex's site to read from this eclectic group of authors and bloggers. 

The first movie that I fell in love with was The Sound of Music. I remember going to the theater to see it twice with my family, and once we even had to sit in the first row. I still remember the words to many of the songs, and loved the chemistry between Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews. At the time, I probably wasn't old enough to appreciate much more than "Do-Re-Mi," and the spectacular color images projected on the large screen. My memory is a compilation of all the additional TV viewings.

While many ten year old girls were swooning over David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman serenaded me with, "Julie Do You Love Me?" I remember rummaging through Tiger Beat magazine looking for Bobby Sherman posters. My classmates were either David Cassidy or Bobby Sherman fans, and Bobby's side part and personalized love song made him the clear choice.

A few years later, the side part sprouted facial hair, and dimples. Freddie Prinze didn't sing, but every time he said "That's not my job" on Chico And The Man was music to my ears. My parents surprised me for my birthday by taking us to see his comedy act at a theater in the round. I was so excited to be seated just a few rows away from him. Sadly, he died about a year later.

The first book that I remember being able to relate to was Beverly Cleary's Ellen Tebbits. It was a comic look through a third grader's perspective about whether her teacher liked her, and being accepted by her classmates. I remember how Ellen was embarrassed about changing for ballet class, because her  mother made her wear long underwear. Fortunately, she befriended another girl with the same dilemma.

For my first love I could write about the boy in my 5th grade class with an overbite who spent more time trying to classify our relationship than actually have one. We would pass notes back and forth during class about how he wasn't ready to go steady, but was willing to ease into "going friendship." I was more turned on by the fact that he could read my handwriting than anything else. When it came time to take the next step by talking on the phone, he chickened out and our relationship was over before it began.

The following year I decided I preferred older men, and had a huge crush on my sixth grade social studies teacher. He was only twenty two, and we seemed to have a similar sense of humor. I'll never forget when he was discussing a historical case in class about a doctor who lost many of his patients. When he asked if anyone in the class knew why I replied, "Because he didn't wash his hands." Shocked by my response, he asked me to act out a likely scenario.

Hence, I proceeded to pretend I was in an operating room while coughing and sneezing all over my hands. I tried to channel Sarah Bernhardt, but came off more like Carol Burnett. Afterward, he told me how I really surprised him by being the only one in class who knew about the dangers of not washing your hands. Apparently, he had never met my mother.


  1. Great first loves posting and oh I remember the days of Tiger Beat mag. Very tragic about Freddie Prinze he was a great actor. Enjoyed reading your first loves.

  2. The sound of music was my favorite musical of all time.

  3. I'm going to have to pop over and join in on this blogfest.

  4. I had a total crush on Bobby Sherman AND David Cassidy too. And my sister was crazy for Freddie Prinze and Donny Osmond. It was a boy crazy household. :)

  5. Oh, I so loved "Julie do you love me?," for obvious reasons. I was very little but I remember thinking it was SO cool to have a song with my name. :D

    I also loved watching the Sound of Music when it would be shown on TV. My mom had the record, and I loved singing along to the songs and pretending I was Maria.

    Fun post, Julie! :)

  6. Wow, a 5th grader with commitment issues. Wow!

  7. This well describes most of the men I've dated: "spent more time trying to classify our relationship than actually have one." Good thing you moved on to a more mature man, one wise regarding personal hygiene.

    I'm glad you saw Freddie Prinze in person. Shame he died so young.

    And Beverly Cleary books really spoke to me too.


  8. Geez, commitment issues in the 5th grade, that is pretty bad.

  9. That last story is funny! Amazed you got to see Freddie Prinze.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  10. oh i loved bobby sherman!!!---beverly cleary's books are the best!

  11. I loved Sound of Music too - and adored Christopher Plummer!

  12. Another killer last line! I used to love Beverley Cleary books, too.

  13. I love the story of the Social Studies teacher. Great post! And for any writer with a wee bit of insecurity, "I have confidence" from The Sound of Music is a great motivating song for writing. Or life.

  14. Hi Julie! I enjoyed your post. The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies.

  15. You're the second person today to mention Bobby Sherman. I so remember listening to his album when I was a young girl. And oh, Freddie Prinze. I remember Chico and the Man. And I remember when he shot himself in the head and lingered for a while before he dies. That was so sad.

  16. Julie, truly amazing writing!! You should be a comdedian, I am still laughing outloud!!
    First Movie - Lady and the Tramp, it started my life long love affair with cocker spaniels. I am on my third dog now.
    Crush - Donny Osmond, I was totally in love with him. My aunt got tickets for me to go with my girlfriend to see him. This was my big chance for him to see me, fall madly in love with me and then marry me! I was so nervous, I could hardly watch the show. I was afraid we would have eye contact!
    Loved Freddie also and his hip hugger, tight bell bottom pants!!
    Favorite first book, Hello God, Its me Margaret, by Judy Blume.
    My first crush was in 3rd grade with the most adorable boy with the cutest dimples. Every morning he would walk into the class room and walk up to my desk and kiss me on the lips! I must withhold his name. I heard he became a Priest!! Hahahah
    Keep up the writing Julie, it is always a pleasure and a bright spot in my day!! Love Angie

    1. Angie, You should have your own blog! This was so much fun to read! Love that bold 3rd grader. No wonder he had to become a priest after he couldn't have you! Remember how we were just talking about Donny being the best Joseph, and now your talented boys are following in his footsteps?! Thanks so much Angie!

  17. That last line would so well describe me...enjoyed your post and your various loves and in one case non love.
    I enjoyed Sound Of Music.

  18. The Sound Of Music - timeless! I'm teaching quite a few of the songs to my choir!
    Love your punchline! You never disappoint... :)

  19. The first movie I every really loved was It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. It was so funny that I laughed till my sides hurt. I liked the story about the social studies teacher; a fun post.

  20. The first movie I loved was It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. It was so funny I laughed until my sides hurt. I make sure I watch it at least once a year.

  21. I loved the story about the teacher :) but that first love of yours really chickened out there, oh men these days....

    Sharing the Love!
    English Speaking Zone

  22. Gossip Girl - It was so sad about Freddie Prinze who had his whole life ahead of him. Thanks Gossip Girl!

    Miranda - Did you see when they had the Sound of Music reunion last year on Oprah? It was such an emotional episode.

    Delores - Great idea! I'll be looking for you.

    L.G. - I really started to appreciate Donny much later when he was starring in "Joseph." He and Marie still look amazing. Your household must have been loads of fun!

    Julie - It's still fun to sing the songs from Sound of Music, and I don't think I'll ever tire of them. It was nice of Bobby to sing a song for us. I found a clip of him on the old Rosie Show, and she asked him who Julie was, but he didn't know. Thanks Julie!

    Libby - Yes, I should have never let that one slip away!

    Robyn - You're better off staying away from those excuse men! Glad we both appreciate the value of personal hygiene! It was a thrill seeing Freddie Prinze, and I love how my parents surprised me! Thanks Robyn!

    Pat - I never did find out what happened to him after he got braces!

    Alex - Thanks for hosting this fun blogfest! Little did my parents know that it would have been one of my last opportunites to see Freddie Prinze. Such a tragic ending.

    Lynn - Yay, for another Bobby Sherman fan! Beverly Cleary's books were fun to read.

    Paula - He still is very charismatic in his 80's!

    Talli - Her books were the first ones that came to mind. Thanks Talli!

    Deathwriter - You know I didn't start appreciating that song until I was much older, but it really is inspiring! Thanks Deathwriter!

    Susanne - Glad you're a Sound of Music fan too! Thanks Susanne!

    Nancy - I'll have to find the other Bobby Sherman post! It was very sad about Freddie Prinze.

    Rek - Guess you grew up in an operating room environment too! Lots of Sound of Music fans out there! I knew you had good taste! Thanks Rek! Julie

  23. Michelle - I'm sure your choir will do an amazing job with the songs, and you're right they are "timeless." I also spent many years in chorus, but I know I would've enjoyed it even more if you were my teacher! Thanks Michelle!

    Yvonne - It does play often on TV, and what an incredible cast! My social studies teacher was working his way through law school, so I never saw him after that year. Thanks Yvonne!

    Barbara - He really wasn't a "love," just an ambiguous note crazed classmate! My teacher meant much more to me at the time. Strange but true! Thanks Barbara!

  24. very fun and funny-tastic post.. thank you for sharing!

    We all love something...right!
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine

  25. my mom kept a few of my Cleary books, and I am so glad she did- I passed them on to my daughter dog ears and all

  26. Julie~ You are bringing me back… :) I loved the movie Oliver and I was madly in love with Dick Van Dyke thus Mary Poppins was one of my favorites as well. Dick Van dyke was always so charming and he is still kicking! I have to admit Mickey was it for me in the group The Monkeys. I thought for sure somehow we would meet and be wed… Julie, thanks for the memories! Ahh Bob Hope, how could we forget him…. xoxo

  27. Last summer, I reread several of Beverly Cleary's books. Love them!

  28. Thanks Jeremy!

    Baygirl - It was nice that your mom saved them, so that you could share them with your daughter. I hope she liked them, as I just read a review that said they were outdated. This surprised me, because I thought that Cleary's books had lessons that were still relevant today.

    Laura - I loved Oliver, and Mary Poppins too! Dick Van Dyke could sing, dance, and act, and loved his Laura dearly. I always wanted to join in one of the Petrie song and dance dinner parties! He still looks great now, and seems to have lots of energy. I was also a Mickey girl! This was fun Laura! You should've entered the blogfest! Thanks Laura!

    Dana - It would be fun to reread Ellen Tebbits. One day I'll probably find it buried somewhere in my old bedroom set at my mom's house! Thanks so much for following me! Julie

  29. I've never read Beverly Cleary. I'll have to check her out. I've heard of her, of course, but never read anything by her. Great picks.

    1. Thanks Ciara, and I enjoyed reading about your first loves too!

  30. hah, I bet you did like Bobbie Sherman's song, 'Julie do you love me?' I would croun over Sound of music as well! THanks for sharing so many of your first loves...

  31. Can you believe I'd never seen Sound of Music until this year? I've owned a DVD copy for a few years but we never got around to watching it til recently.
    Loved the school stories.
    Now "Julie, Do You Love Me?" is playing in my head.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  32. I was a Bobby Sherman fan too! He was posted all over my wall, much to my sister's disgust. :-) I loved Sound of Music too. That and Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews was the best!

  33. Tracy - Bobby Sherman was adorable! I saw a clip of him on the Rosie show from a few years ago, and he still looked the same with salt n pepper hair. The Sound of Music still makes me tear up whenever I see it. Thanks Tracy!

    Lee - Coming from a performing family, I hope you enjoyed watching the Von Trapp children. In those day you were probably too busy entertaining to even have time to watch movies. Somehow "Julie, Do You Love Me?" doesn't compare to any of the songs from Sound of Music, but I thought it worked well with the theme. Thanks Lee!

  34. Oh my, I must say you took this dude down memory lane with some of what you note. And yikes, Julie Andrews and all those tunes from the "Sound of Music" are ringing in my head :)

  35. Mare - Mary Poppins was another favorite of mine! Many years later I saw Julie Andrews on stage in Victor/Victoria. She had to be around sixty then, and she still had so much energy, and gave an amazing performance! Glad you liked Bobby too! Thanks Mare!

    Gary - "When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything!" I think I know what you mean. Thanks Gary! Julie

  36. My youngest child LOVED The Sound of Music. We watched it so many times. My favorite movie was (and still is) The Empire Strikes Back.

  37. ...the hills are alive.. yes has to be a favourite film, and swooned many a time over David Cassidy and Michael Jackson, they were the only ones who seem to understand what I was going through at the time through their words, its a great challenge, bringing back some memories indeed! Amanda.

    By the way I've tagged you in a post, if you have time to play along great! no pressure though

  38. Julie, thought you might enjoy my Friday post. You might win a homemade gift. :-)
    Click my name to take you to my blog.

  39. Tonja - Your family has great taste in movies!

    Amanda - I always looked forward to watching The Partridge Family, and Michael Jackson was the best! Great answers in the "tag" and thanks for thinking of me!

    Mare - What a fun quiz! Thanks Mare! Julie

  40. Bobby Sherman! Haven't thought of him in years!

  41. Oh, my...Bobby Frikkin' Sherman. My sister (who inspired Karen in 'Shag Carpet Toilet') was absolutely nuts about him. Tiger Beat, 16, that TV show, 'Here Comes the Brides,' you name it. She even had his lunchbox. She was also way whacky over Davey Jones and the Monkees.
    Ay, yi, yi!
    And...'The Sound of Music.' Who would have ever thought Nazi occupation could make one burst into song!
    So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

  42. Susan - I had a huge crush on him way back when!

    Al - I may have had a Partridge Family lunchbox. I definitely had their logo on my jeans. I'll have to catch up on more of Karen. She sounds like a fine judge of character.
    Mickey was my favorite from The Monkees. Are you thinking about The Producers? Now that Springtime song was really catchy! The songs from Sound of Music are timeless, as is the message. Thanks Al! Julie