Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PhotoPrompt: Monday: The Old Barn Door

      Thanks to Susan Kane at thecontemplativecat for providing this PhotoPrompt.

Old Barn Door

Red barn door,
Beaten down by time.
Echoes of paws and hooves,
 Roaming in their prime.

Weathered hides,
Clamoring for attention.
Shinier coats,
Begging for redemption.

Whining, neighing,
Picking, grazing.
The restless cattle,
Required endless praising.

A welcoming entrance,
Has long been hardened.
The first Red Door Salon,
At Elizabeth Arden

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  1. i love this--i used to wear red door--i had forgotten until you posted this!

  2. My mother in law liked red door. Um....weathered hides???? You've seen me then? This is terrific.

  3. Oh my gosh, I used to sell Red Door when I was in college. I was the "perfume girl" who walked around the store asking people if they wanted a sample. I hadn't thought about that in so long until I got to your great (and funny!) ending here!

    I love this photo, what a great prompt. You're such a talented poet, Julie!

  4. Lynn - I've never worn the fragrance, but I have visited the spa when I've received gift certificates. Thanks Lynn!

    Delores - I was writing from life experience! Thanks so much for creating PhotoPrompt Monday, and I'm sorry that it's taken me awhile to jump in. You did an amazing job on all three prompts, and I was worn out from one! Thanks again Delores!

    Julie - I've heard that those jobs are really hard to get. I really enjoyed reading the prologue for Polar Night, and can't wait to read more! Thanks so much Julie!

  5. Love the photo prompt. Ha! And your poem is perfect. Reminds me I could use some pampering at a salon. :)

  6. Great picture and I love the reference to Red Door

  7. Great verse you gave here at your cave, the cat liked it very much.

  8. Thanks Alex!

    L.G. - Just a little pampering is all you need to be metal bikini ready! Thanks L.G.!

    Heather - Thanks for following me, and I hope to see more of you!

    Pat - That's quite a compliment coming from a rhyming cat who's all that! Thanks Pat! Julie

  9. Very good!
    You are very talented.

  10. Danielle - Thank you and I appreciate the visit!

    Ruth - Thanks for making my day! Julie

  11. The beautiful poem evoked memories of barn smells and the snorting of contented horses. Lovely.

  12. Wonderful poem most enjoyable to read.


  13. Your poem took me back to my grandparents farm. Well done.

  14. Conjures up wonderful visits to the country when I was a little girl. Beautifully written.


  15. OK so now I've discovered that Red Door is a perfume I get the poem. Love your hoof-in-cheek use of language!

  16. Clever, clever girl. All those old heifers at the door, begging for perfume and beauty products--perfect.

  17. Francene - It sounds like you would be wonderful at these PhotoPrompts! Thanks Francene!

    Thanks Yvonne!

    Yvonne S. - It must have been so much fun visiting your grandparents' farm! Thanks Yvonne!

    Jenny - Sounds like you have delightful memories! Thanks Jenny!

    Thanks Carol!

    Rosalind - Red Door Salon is a day spa that offers hair treatments, facials, mani-pedi's, and other beauty services. It was founded by Elizabeth Arden and it's very popular in the US. They also sell many products including body cream and perfume. Thanks for the clever "hoof-in-cheek" compliment Rosalind!

    Susan - Thanks for coming up with such a great prompt! I wasn't brave enough to attempt the other photos, but you did an exceptional job! Julie

  18. This was so cool!
    Linking the smelly barn door to the perfumed Red Door... smart!

  19. Oh my. This was wonderful and to mention some of my favourite bloggers within the PhotoPrompt has made my day.
    Very clever what you've done in the linking of the Red Door and barn door. Shall we have a barn dance to celebrate? Oh, you've never seen a 'barn dance' :)
    Excellent stuff and happy writing.

  20. Michelle - Thanks for using two words that my kids would never use to describe me!

    Gary - I went to a few barn dances back in college, and they were quite fun! I agree that the PhotoPrompt bloggers are wonderful! Thanks Gary! Julie

  21. I loved the ending. Well done!

  22. You always inject a clever twist, Julie. I really like this, especially "begging for redemption" and -ultimately- Elizabeth Arden.


  23. Thanks Clarissa, and congrats on your new book!

    Robyn - I'm still laughing from your last story! Talk about clever! Thanks Robyn!

  24. Julie~That was quite interesting! :))) Love Lou SWEET Ps I can't even get a picture for my post. I could use some help for blogg settings! I'm still blogg illiterate. I wrote I think three poems that won't go out to my listings. I spend more time working on setting than writing.lol lol Nice poem Julie….

  25. The Elizabeth Arden line was unexpected and whimsical. Liked it very much.

  26. Laura - Sorry you're still having blogging trouble. I just read your poem, and I don't know what the problem is with your settings. Let me know if you're still having Issues. Thanks Laura!

  27. Again another twist! How do you do it? Teach me, teach me!

  28. Talli - I'm honored that such a successful author thinks that I could actually teach her something when I've barely been published! It would be fun to brainstorm together if you ever have a free moment. Thanks Talli!

  29. Good morning Julie, I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Stop by my blog for details and to pick up your award

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