Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BREAKTHROUGH by Stephen Tremp

A scientific breakthrough of such magnitude it could radically alter the future of humanity - for better or worse - is in the wrong hands.



Breakthrough  by Stephen Tremp is available for FREE on Amazon through the rest of today. It is the first novel in a trilogy that addresses the conflicts that ensue in technological breakthroughs. The protagonist Chase Manhattan has been compared to "a scientific James Bond." 

Barnes and Noble Review wrote, "A timely book that speaks to our generation, with its technological breakthrough and the struggle to use it for good or for evil." 

According to Book Review.com, "This author's got what it takes. The main thing a reader can accuse him of is pushing the suspense genre beyond its usual limits. "Breakthrough," will take you there."

Amazon Reader raved, "Stephen Tremp has crafted a terrific page-turner filled with adventure, intrigue, action, and suspense. The characters are superbly crafted, the settings are richly described, and the plot is very well-paced. If you're looking for a highly readable adventure story, get this book. A perfect book for the beach or ski lodge."

Earlier yesterday Breakthrough entered the Top 10 in True Crime and Top 50 in Suspense in the Amazon Best Sellers Rank for the Free Kindle Store, and the results kept climbing. It couldn't happen to a more entertaining and informative blogger who writes every post like a science discovery camp. Stephen also has the ability to make us appear brighter in front of our kids, by educating us about wormholes, and the endless possibilities.

Visit Stephen at Breakthrough Blogs to download your FREE copy of Breakthrough today. Enjoy it outside with a cool drink, as long as it's "shaken, not stirred."


  1. I just went and downloaded it. Thanks. To be perfectly honest, I won't get to reading it until I am on the bird flying back to the U.S. in July.

    I MUST meet my deadline. Again, thank you.

  2. Already did it, it is fourth in line waiting to be read.

  3. Sounds really good. I'll have to download it.


  4. Sounds a wonderful book, as I don't have a Kindle will have to wait until the paperback is published.


  5. Thanks for the incredible shout out! Nicely done. I love the "speaking to our generation" quote. I really think its true in regards to all the tech breakthroughs coming at us. For better or worse.

  6. Jeremy - I am also very behind in my reading, but I hope to read Breakthrough soon. Good luck with your deadline, and have a safe trip on "the bird!" Thanks Jeremy!

    Delores - You are so organized! I remember you started blogging about this big event last week! Thanks Delores!

    Alex - So glad I got mine in time! Thanks Alex!

    Shelly - I'm sure you will enjoy it! Thanks Shelly!

    C.M. - It is a fabulous cover! Every detail on Stephen's blog is color-coordinated with a sleek finish too. Thanks C.M.!

    Yvonne - There should be a paperback addition available through Amazon. It would not be part of this promotion though. Thanks Yvonne!

    Stephen - I am so excited for you, and can't wait to read my copy! Thanks so much Stephen!


  7. Hi Julie! Breakthrough is a great book.

  8. Thanks, Julie. I will go check it out.


  9. I read about it on one or two other blogs as well. It sounds like a fascinating read!

  10. Susanne - I look forward to reading it! Thanks Susanne!

    Thanks Robyn!

    I agree Golden Eagle! Thank you!

    Michelle - It does sound fascinating! Thanks Michelle!

    Heather - So did I, and I know we won't be disappointed! Thanks Heather!

  11. I have it on my comp for quite a while now, downloaded it in the beginning of the year, damn, yet to get to it...with 6 books in queue for reviews. Thanks for your lovely words on my poetry.

  12. I've given you an award. You can come by my blog to claim it.

  13. I'm glad Stephen was featured on so many blogs. Here's to his success with his book.

  14. Rek - I'm also far behind, but at least we have something to look forward to! Thanks Rek!

    Danielle - Thanks so much for the award, and I loved reading your lists!

    Lee - Breakthrough really climbed on the best seller list, and your book will be next! Thanks Lee!


  15. Yea for Stephen! I wish him much success.

  16. Awesome he made the top 10 list. That's incredible.

  17. Yay for Stephen! I really enjoyed Breakthrough.

  18. Thanks for stopping by and supporting me in the Star Wars thing. It was much appreciated!

    Oh, and I already have the book. It's on my list to read.

  19. Thanks Olmpic!

    Carol - All the best to both of you! Thanks Carol!

    Tonja - It is incredible! Thanks Tonja!

    Talli - Great news! Your books are also high on my list! Thanks Talli!

    Andrew - Sorry I couldn't vote sooner. I hope it wasn't too late. Thanks Andrew! Julie

  20. I downloaded my copy and can't wait for life to mellow out enough so I have time to read!

    (Sorry I've been absent for a while, Julie. After a few trips and edits, I'm finally back in the game again.)

  21. Sounds wonderful. Now that I'm climbing back into the blogosphere, looks like I'm a little late to claim this book as a freebie, but I'll go ahead and order it. Gotta support our blogger buddies, right?

    Great to be back visiting some of my favorite bloggers again. Hope to get back to posting in a couple days. Thanks for the heads up on the book. (I know you wouldn't steer me wrong!)

  22. Nancy - No apologies necessary - I know how busy you are. I have also fallen quite behind this summer. Thanks Nancy!

    Susan - Welcome back from your holiday with your family! Something tells me you were busy on grandma duty, and I hope you write about your adventures! You're one of my favorite bloggers too, and Stephen will be thrilled that you bought Breakthrough! Thanks Susan!