Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Dope On Online Dating

                                                                                                 Julie Kemp Pick

It started on a dating site,
Wounds still healing from divorce.
She wanted to take things nice and slow,
Let nature take its course.

He wooed her with witty emails,
Courted her with thoughtful texts,
She was virtually swept off her feet,
Wondering what would happen next.

The date was set, the time, the place,
They were finally meeting face to face.
She fussed with her hair, put on a curvaceous dress,
She waited in anticipation, of the first impression test.

She wore her heart on her well-toned sleeve,
Her inner beauty, he would never know,
All the plans they made together,
Based on the premise, he would show.


  1. mybabyjohn - Sadly he did not; hence the title!

  2. Sorry he didn't show. Beautiful poem. If it is about you, don't give up. I met my hubby from an ad he placed. There are good ones out there.

  3. Hi Julie .. Men!! Better not go there .. as Rhonda says .. there are the good ones out there. I wonder if he regrets ....

    Great poem, but sad story ... still what's not meant to be .. is better not.

    Have a great weekend .. cheers Hilary

  4. With all the technology out there, isn't the real test still, and always, the face-to-face?

  5. I love the poem! I got divorced after being married for 14 years. Dating again was surreal. After some online dating, I ended up realizing I wanted to live my life with my best friend - we've been married for almost five years. I do have lots of funny stories about online dating - someone should do a challenge about that!

    -Tonja at - commenting issues persist.

  6. Wonderful poem! I love it - especially since I've done the online dating thang!

  7. This is great. I was waiting for the ending where a 14-year-old boy showed up. But I like the subtle way you end this better.

  8. @Rhonda - Weren't we just laughing a few weeks ago about how our husbands gave us great material? Do you think I would give that up? This poem is based on a combination of stories from some of my single friends.

    @Hilary - The men that I'm talking about should regret missed opportunities, but they probably enjoy the thrill of the game and move on. Thanks Hilary, have a great weekend too!

    @Joanne - You are absolutely right! Unfortunately, some of these men may be married or have other issues, and back out before they get caught. The alternative would be much worse, but they do ruin things for the good ones. Thanks Joanne!

    @Tonja - I'm so happy that you found your soul mate! I would love to hear your stories, and think that would be a fun idea! Thanks Tonja!

    @Talli - Thanks Talli, glad you could relate!

    @Angela - The 14 year-old boy would've been a great ending! Wasn't there a Seinfeld episode where Elaine really liked this deep voiced movie critic on the phone, and when she met him he was just a kid? Thanks Angela!

  9. Another winner, I mean the poem Jewels, the "boy" sounds like a real loser! You are poet, too, such talents Ms. Pick. Lamp Chop

  10. Julie~Great poem and exactly why I have never gone on one of those sites~You rest my case~heehe xo

  11. Another good poem! Bet there's a wealth of both sad and funny stories about online dating. A friend of mine who's close to seventy gave it a whirl, and some of her tales were hilarious. Funniest to me were the men who'd been so prim and proper, such wonderful gentlemen, before they met face-to-face, and then at first meeting, came at her, mouth open, and tongue wiggling, like a sex-starved octopus on viagra.

  12. @Lamb Chop - The boy is a real LOSER who will get his just desserts one day! Thanks for the wonderful compliment that I will hopefully earn pre-posthumously!

    @Thanks Word Nerd!

    @Laura - Never say never! As Rhonda and Hilary will tell you, there are still lots of good men out there! Thanks Laura!

    @Susan - This sounds like a great name for a country western song! I'd love to hear some of the stories! It's amazing what some people think they can get away with after they reach a certain age! I hope she was able to out run them!

  13. LOL Julie, I was wondering why you forgot to mention hubby was gone and you were back out there. :) Glad to hear hubby is still providing good material for you.

  14. That's lovely. I too have heard such scenarios from my single friends but then meeting a new man is a bit of a gamble however you go about it.

  15. @Rhonda - Thanks for providing some much needed comic relief to my poem!

    @Rosalind - I think it's worth the risk as long as you take separate cars and don't give out too much information. Thanks Rosalind!

  16. Hey Julie, me again - I hereby dub thee “Overlord” – a blogger changing the world one post at a time. Please come by and pick up your award.

  17. You write such great poems, Julie! As others have said, I was expecting the woman to find out that the guy totally misrepresented himself online. The ending turned out to be quite sad, I felt so disappointed for the woman!

  18. @Julie - I wrote it after a few friends told me about online dating disasters. It's horrible that some of these men don't take it seriously enough to even show up. Thanks Julie!