Friday, June 17, 2011

Late But Not Forgotten

                                                                                                  Julie Kemp Pick

 Susan Swiderski @ I Think; Therefore, I Yam  was kind enough to share two wonderful awards with me this week, The Stylish Blogger Award and The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. This reminded me that I've been remiss about fulfilling the requirements for both The Stylish and Versatile Blogger Awards, which I've decided to combine as one mega award.  I'd like to thank Susan for waking me up in her own witty way, and I hope she won't mind that instead of writing 7 things about myself,  I'll summarize at the end with a poem. Rather than forward the awards, I'd like to change the rules again by revisiting the wonderful  bloggers who deserve a long overdue thank you.

Rhonda @.laugh quotes  has bestowed a few awards upon me. The most unusual one is the Overlord Award. I hope to fulfill all of those requirements sometime in 2012.  Recently Rhonda and I reconnected on Facebook when she told me about the A to Z Challenge. She has been a huge support to me, and has kept me in stitches along the way.

Julie Flanders @ What Else Is Possible  also awarded me with The Stylish Blogger honor as did Shannon @ The Warrior Muse.  Julie and Shannon are co-hosting an A to Z Visitors Blog Hop that is still welcoming participants.

While I'm on a roll, I'd like to give a shout- out to a few others who took time out to send me awards:
Pam @ Pirate Knitting 
Elizabeth Mueller 
Deirdra Eden Coppel 
Arlee Bird 
Sylvia van Bruggen

All of the above blogs are remarkable reads, and I encourage everyone to visit them as often as possible.  For those of you who are still with me, below is a poem that begs to be Stylish as well as Versatile, but is far from Irresistibly Sweet.


Cleaning toilets makes me hungry,
Messy houses make me weep.
When it comes to drama queens,
You may call me Meryl Streep.

I write lefty and throw righty,
Though I pitch more fits than balls.
My family quite often threatens,
To have me surrounded by padded walls.

I can't go a day without chocolate,
I can't go an hour without TV.
I shouldn't go a minute without make-up,
Voted "looks worst in the morning," by my sorority.
I'm happiest when my kids are oozing with excitement,
Telling tales that are oh so gripping.
That I almost don't mind tripping,
Over their rancid toenail clippings.

Have you heard, I have a spouse?
Who was forced to leave the house!
Before I could make any blogging corrections,
He was misplaced into Witness Protection.


  1. Well I do think I know you a little better now...shudder. lol.

  2. Wow, a whole latte fun Awards going on over here ... Congratulations!

  3. Thanks for the mention Julie. I am really glad we connected again too. Facebook is good for that. Loved our poem. Shall I start worrying again about your hubby, or is he safe in WP?

  4. Congrats on the well deserved awards and to the people you awarded them to. loved the poem.


  5. @mybabyjohn - Thanks again for The Humourous Blogger Award! Sorry I bared my soul!

    @Joanne - Thanks a whole latte!

    @Rhonda - No worries - he's safe for now!

    @Yvonne - I just thanked the people who gave me awards, instead of passing them along. I know you've already received many awards; otherwise I would gladly share them with you. Thanks Yvonne!

  6. The Humourous Blogger Award has a picture of a Cat's Ass, really? Congrats on the awards...winner winnner chicken dinner for you sister! Now the poem did leave out some details about some insight into, a little mystery. I will let them know you sing and can crack a whip rather well, too. Lampchop

  7. into you... Lampchop edit

  8. Lambchop - I wonder whatever happened to that whip as I "willed" it to a very dear friend? I hope it's in good hands. We'll have to get together for a sing-a-long soon! Julie

  9. That's a very cute and humorous poem, Donna. Of course, my favorite line is the chocolate one.

    Congratulations on the awards. I'm so glad I discovered your blog and SO VERY GRATEFUL you are my #400.


  10. Robyn - I'm so glad that we share an addiction to chocolate! That's one of the first things I liked about your blog! Who's Donna and does she prefer milk or dark chocolate?

    Thank you so much and I'm honored to be your 400th follower! That's quite an accomplishment! Julie

  11. Congrats on the awards - and that's a hilarious poem! Hope you're having a good weekend!

  12. Love the poem. Hilarious. Sorry to add to your strains and stresses but I have just tagged you on my blog :-)

  13. @Talli - Thank you and I hope you've been able to take a little break from all of your re-writes.

    @Rosalind - Thanks so much for the "Seriously Cute Blogger Award! Thank goodness there's no expiration date! I really do appreciate it Rosalind, and thanks again for the kind words. Julie

  14. That was a mouth full!~) Your funny too~Congrats on all your awards~Keep up the wonderful writing~I enjoy so much~xoxo

  15. Hi Julie .. congratulations on the awards and your way of accepting them .. and passing them on to old friends .. that's good. Love the poem too .. well some of it!! Cheers and have a good week ..Hilary

  16. @lou - Thank you for following me and being so supportive!

    @Hilary - Sorry I may have gone a little too far with the toenail clippings part. I hope I didn't give you indigestion. Thanks for the rest though! Julie

  17. Thanks for the mention, Julie! And congratulations on all of these awards, definitely well deserved. The poem is too funny, thanks for the laugh! :D

  18. Hi again Julie! I wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog. Don't hate me! ;)

  19. Julie - I'm still laughing from your response to #5 and am thrilled that you consider me to be one of the "lucky souls!" Maybe by the time I get around to it, no one will remember if I change some of the questions around! Thanks again, Julie

  20. Julie, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who makes up their own rules on the awards, though I liked your way of doing it better. Too funny on the poem! And thank you for the shout out.

  21. Thanks Shannon! I'm glad we're both rebels!