Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blogoversary: She Said What?!

Michelle Wallace   and   Elise Fallson  are co-hosting this event to celebrate their Blogoversaries. They created the fantastic cartoons, while our job is to fill in the captions. Be sure to visit the other talented bloggers. Here is my attempt.

E: Hurry up! I have something I'd like to talk to you about.
M: I'm coming! I can't wait to celebrate our blogoversary!  
E: Well, before you break out the champagne, you should know there's someone else.
M: After all we've been through, you went out and found another critique partner? Why don't I just tie this rope around my neck?!

E: Well it's already tied around your foot.
M:  I poured my heart out to you in my comments, and now I'm hanging by a thread from a hot air balloon, all because of you.
E: Because of ME? If you had an actual profile picture, neither one of us would be in this mess. And speaking of messes, could you turn your head slightly, so we're not both covered in vomit? Damn wind!

V: Never fear damsel in distress. I will save you!
E: That's okay I'm about to pull her in.
V: Just hold tight 'til I get there.
M: Why are you looking over there? Are you gazing at your own reflection? Uh oh you're about to...

V:Allow me to twist and turn my way out of this and we will all be fine. Are you with me ladies?    

E: I'm so sorry. I never wanted things to end this way. You've been a wonderful  partner and friend. Oh if only I could express my true feelings in five sentences...glub, glub, glub.... 
M: I glub you too!

E: Well, at least we'll have something to blog about.
M: Was that a grey dolphin who saved us?
E: I"m just glad that we were able to rescue the nearsighted man in the yellow cape.  

M: It's funny how someone who has the ability to fly would be so deathly afraid of water.
E: It almost looked like he was dancing the tango cheek to cheek with the sea serpent that rescued us.
M: Do you mean that smitten sea serpent over there?
E: Now let's go home and write about our adventure for our blogoversary party.
M: You know that no one is going to believe us.
E: Of course they will, because there is honour amongst bloggers. And if they don't, I have the pictures to prove it!


  1. Oh you wrote a lot! I just tried to go with what was in the bubbles. Congrats to Michelle and Elise.

  2. I don't see how anyone could beat that. Great job.

  3. Michael - You did a great job fitting everything inside the bubbles. It was very professionally done.

    Delores - There were lots of terrific entries. Mine was pretty silly, but I had fun writing it. Thanks Delores!

    Alex - Aside from the many wonderful entries I've seen, there are still others who haven't posted yet. I can't wait to read yours tomorrow. Thanks Alex!

    Thank you Miranda! It was nice trying something new!


  4. Very good and very funny. Good the sea serpent was around, hahaha. :D

  5. Wow Julie! This was awesome!
    Thanks for participating in the bloghop.
    We "glub" you too! he! he!

  6. That was very funny. How do you find these things?

  7. Al - I'm looking forward to reading yours! Thanks Al!

    Michelle - I also had some technical difficulties with this, but my son was nice enough to help me all the way from school. You and Elise did a great job with the artwork! Thanks Michelle!


    1. The artwork is Elise's department! She deserves ALL the credit for the drawings!

  8. Anstice - I really enjoyed reading yours too! Thanks Anstice!

    Yvonne - I've known Michelle from A to Z, and read about this on her blog. There still might be time to sign up, as it ends tomorrow. Thanks Yvonne!


  9. I like what you did with this. Made them forget their disagreement and gave them an adventure too.

  10. Well, I reckon you can now add "cartoonist" to your resume. Good job!

  11. Thanks Arleen!

    JL - Thanks, and I also enjoyed your cute story!

    Susan - I reckon they would have to draw mighty big bubbles, as I do tend to ramble on! Thanks Susan!


  12. Oh the foibles of a wannabe superhero. He should know that girls can take care of themselves!

  13. Hilarious! Nice one. I especially love the sea serpent. So random and yeah, I guess nobody will believe E and M! :D Very funny.

  14. LOL. That was great. I have very similar conversations with my critique partner every day. :))

  15. I don't know Elise but Michelle is a doll.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  16. Thanks Carol!

    Nancy - I couldn't agree with you more!

    Sheharizan - He's supposed to be a dragon, but I thought the other creature fit in better with this story. Thanks so much Sheharizan!

    Luanne - Just don't go on a hot air balloon ride with her! Thanks Luanne!

    Shelly - I think that they are a darling duo!


  17. so cute!
    i liked the smitten sea serpent best!

  18. That is definitely something to blog about! Thank you so much for participating and for the LOLs! I've been so excited over how creative everyone has been with these. Thanks again for celebrating with us! (:

  19. Tara - Your entry was very cute and clever too! Thanks Tara!

    Elise - Everyone has been extremely creative! Thanks for hosting this unique blogfest Elise! Your amazing artwork made our kooky stories come to life.


  20. Very entertaining! You are so clever.

  21. A sea serpent instead of a dragon. Hmm...I like it!

  22. Cute post! I can tell you had fun :) Saw you on my blog and also wanted to say 'hi'.

  23. Melissa - I loved how your dragon was a femme fatale! Great job Melissa!

    Thanks Sharon, and it was fun!

    Pk - Thanks for the twofer and the follow! I enjoyed your creative post too!


  24. Love the story here! And that dragon does have a love-struck expression, doesn't it?