Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wally The Worrywart

Wally the worrywart,
Would waste the day away.
Warding off suspicious germs,
With Lysol he would spray.

Wanda the wild woman,
Worked at the strip club.
Waitressing in flimsy attire,
While serving up watered-down grub.

Warbling was her true passion,
Wishing for a clean slate.
Winking strangers made advances,
Wanda never took the bait.

Wally was stuck at a stoplight,
Wiping off a spot on his console.
Wanda didn't see the light change,
When her car began to roll.

Wrestling to pull them free,
Wary that they'd survive.
Weakened by the crash,
Willful to stay alive.

Whilst visiting in the hospital,
Waiting for their bandages to unravel.
Wally and Wanda shared common interests,
Whistling birds: love of travel.

Whiplash brought them together,
Wacky as it may sound,
Worrywart and wild woman prove,
Wanderlust has no bounds.



  1. I just adored this Julie, excellent verse, also loved the cartoon at the end.

  2. Wonderful! and I agree, wanderlust has no bounds :)

  3. Hi Julie - such a fun read ... worrywart and all .. and I'm so happy they connected over wrapping bandages ... cheers Hilary

  4. Sweet end to this. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. So cute and great W's.

  6. My mother had an expression, "God makes them; the devil matches them. Wally and Wanda, a match made in heaven or hell?

  7. That was really funny. You never know what attraction two people might share.

  8. True romance! Loved it, Julie! :)

  9. Wanderlust.
    We used to do that overseas.
    As we wandered from strip club to strip club, hoping we'd get lucky.

  10. Yvonne - I really appreciate your kind words. Thanks Yvonne!

    Rhonda - You are the expert on wanderlust, and the best part is that your family feels the same way! Thanks Rhonda!

    Hilary - Opposites really do attract. Thanks Hilary!

    Natalie - Thank YOU, Natalie!

    Delores - I'm still laughing from your story about "waistlines!" Thanks Delores!

    Arleen - Great expression! Like most relationships, if I had to guess I'd say a bit of both. Thanks Arleen!


  11. This was funny. The cartoon though was funny and gross. My favorite :-)

  12. Wonder what you're going to come up with for X! :)

  13. Ivy - I also like "funny and gross!" Thanks Ivy!

    Greenpatches - I'll probably do a little recycling, as I'm still so far behind in checking in with everyone. Thanks Greenpatches!

    Joanne - I can't wait to learn more about Texas! Dare I guess, Waco? Thanks Joanne!


  14. A more unlikely couple we'd never see... and yet, I think it will work out:)

  15. Is this the plot of 1950s romantic comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Munroe? If it isn't, it should have been!

  16. Alex - So true. The strangest things bring people together. Thanks Alex!

    Thanks Vanessa and Daisy!

    Al - Yep, it's pretty much the same thing. You must have been pretty hard to resist in your sailor suit, Al!


  17. What a cute poem! Love the cartoon as well.

  18. This was great, GEM JULIE!

    I couldn't help thinking of Niles Crane while reading it - him always wiping down every chair before sitting in it, and completely paranoid about the unseen... germs.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  19. What a fun poem. Glad it had a happy ending.

  20. Julie - I also got a kick out of the cartoon. Thanks Julie!

    Stephen - I could see Niles in the role of Wally, and Daphne could definitely play Wanda! Although I'd prefer a Felix Unger pairing with one of the Pigeon sisters! Thanks Stephen!

    Elizabeth - I guess it is kind of a quirky love story! Thanks Elizabeth!

    Jo - Since I did add a few dark ones into the mix, I thought we needed another happy ending. Thanks Jo!


  21. I love this love story and it could be made into a movie:)

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