Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The 3 E's In Etiquette

                                                                           Julie Kemp Pick                     

As a 4 year old graduate of Wendy Ward Charm School, I think it only fitting that I pass along some of my expertise. Everyone from baseball players to reality TV stars are seen picking, tugging, spitting, and adjusting themselves on a daily basis, so it's time for an intervention.

Ear Wax Etiquette: Do not clean your ears with a key, pencil, or coat hanger. Beware of ear candling, an ancient method used to remove wax as well as other impurities in your body. Many studies found that the only wax extracted was from the candle itself. Consult with your doctor for the safest removal method, as even cotton swabs may cause havoc on your ear canal.

Eating Etiquette: Elbows off of the table, closed mouth chewing, and soup is meant to be sipped not slurped. Before going up to the buffet for your second helping, make sure that the tablecloth is not tucked into your underwear. Cutlery is recommended.  

Elevator Etiquette: Always wait for others to enter, especially if they're in your group. If you are sharing the ride with a stranger, do not stand close enough to detect what that person had for lunch. More importantly, do not change your clothes in an elevator, even in emergencies. That's what phone booths are for.

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  1. Etiquette does seem to be slipping lately doesn't it?

  2. Etiquette is a dying practice, sadly.

    Cute post!

  3. Too funny. Do you really tuck the table cloth in, or was that a "just in case." I am really enjoying the little twists in your challenge blog posts.

  4. This was wonderful! LOL Thank you. :)

  5. Funny! And that ear wax etiquette? It just gets me how many people have no problem cleaning their ears in public, while in a meeting, or while in conversation with a stranger. EWWW!

  6. mybabyjohn - Yes, I think we're all guilty of that sometimes.

    Thanks Elaine!

    Rhonda - Thanks...So far I haven't tucked any tablecloths in, but you never know!

    Jeffrey - Thank YOU!

    Laura - I think any picking in public is problematic. Thanks for visiting.


  7. lol I love your elevator advice. Do phone booths exist any more? What's a superhero to do? There are washrooms, I suppose.

  8. This is funny, especially as I was horrified to notice celebrities picking their ears on camera on several shows where there was some manner of interview going on. At what point did that become a public thing??

  9. Deirdra - Thank you so much for the beautiful award and the kind words. I look forward to viewing your magical pages.

    M Pax - You're right phone booths are difficult to come by. Restrooms and fitting rooms are the best bets.

    Shannon - Unfortunately, in this day and age almost everything is public.

  10. You funny =) What will F be?
    Happy E Day!

  11. That's a great post, and so true!

    Good to make your acqaintance.

    Look forward to following your posts and writing.
    Best of luck with the A-Z Challenge

    warm wishes

  12. Thanks Tara and congrats on your award!

    Debbie - Thanks for following me and I look forward to following you as well!

  13. Coat hanger? How can you do that? I mean, isn't it fisicly speaking impossible?
    I have enjoyed this post, I'm off now to read the previous ones.

  14. Great etiquette tips! I'll be back tomorrow. I've really been enjoying all your posts!

  15. Many people could use your advice on eating etiquette. Some, closer to me than I wish to admit, do not even know how to use a knife. Using your fingers to put the food onto the fork is good enough. Why get another utensil dirty?

  16. Noemi - Please don't try any of these things at home! Remember nothing is impossible, but most of these examples are extreme. Thanks, Julie

    Amy - Thanks for all of your support. I also enjoy reading your blog. Julie

    Anonymous - Some people should never be allowed to handle a knife. I prefer the wooden spoon method.

  17. I'm a big fan but this may be my favorite. Beautiful new pic. May I suggest cuckolding?

  18. "That's what phone booths are for." LOL, I enjoyed the little chuckle at the end.