Friday, April 1, 2011

Battling Bulges

                                                                                               Julie Kemp Pick

Years ago most designer clothing was cut more generously than it is today. A size medium could be stretched a lot farther back then. I've noticed that many people are very size conscious and are determined to squeeze into whatever size they wore five or ten years ago regardless of the fit. This often results in many unflattering bulges that could easily be avoided.

My husband's obscene bike shorts are a shining example of a good thing gone wrong. When he first showed up pedaling to my mom's house in them, she had to politely excuse herself and go inside. Though she loved her future son in law, she couldn't quite look at him the same after seeing him in his spandex splendor. More than 25 years and 20 pounds later, he still squeezes into those shorts, displaying more than his original bulge.

Bulge blindness affects celebrities that have their own personal stylists too. Often times I want to throw something at the TV when I see Oprah encased in her clothing. With all of her wardrobe people, wouldn't you think that someone would notice that if she turns the wrong way, her dress will likely split open? What really bothers me, is that she's hosted shows with experts advising  how to buy the proper fitting bra for millions of viewers, but doesn't invest the time and energy to find a suitable seamstress for herself.

Is it really sexy to wear something tight enough to cut off circulation when you're overweight? Am I really one to judge when I prefer to wear turtlenecks year round? I do miss Dickeys.

With muffin tops, back fat, side spillage and raging thighs, it's getting more difficult to battle bulges as we grow older. A well-balanced diet and exercise will definitely help, but it's easier to go up a size.

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  1. As someone who's entire pant collection falls in the "buffett pant" category, I totally agree with you. Use a little more material and give yourself some room.

  2. I have always preferred clothes with more positive ease. Even when I was stick thin, I liked loose fitting clothes and now that I am on the other side of that - I still like loose fitting clothes.

    I say that, hopefully, because I want to be comfortable. I may totally be ignoring the real reason - poor body image no matter what size my body is.

    Yes, use more material. If people feel they really need to show off those bulges, they should not wear clothes - oh, wait, that probably is a bad idea as well. :-)

  3. LOL - I love this blog post, although I actually thought they were cutting clothes more generously. I just need bigger sizes.

  4. mybabyjohn - Like the "buffet pant" line and it starts with a B!

    Elaine - I also prefer loose fitting clothes and would be happy living in sweats or pajamas.

    Rhonda - We all do! Yes I finally figured out how to comment on your blog and my son helped me post the A-Z symbol. It takes a village...Thanks again!

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am now following you and I look forward to reading more from you.

  6. You make a great point! I've DVRed a bunch of episodes of "What Not To Wear" because I totally think I could use the advice. I'm probably the exact opposite of wearing things too tight. And think the baggy clothes I sport are just as unflattering.

  7. Sylvia - Thanks, I will do the same

    Amy - Maybe we can both meet somewhere in the middle!

  8. Spandex splendour - haha! I can just picture the look on your mother's face!

  9. As you get older those who love you do as well. Strange how the eyesight dims and the bulges seem invisible

  10. As a gay man I'd enjoy seeing your husband in his bike shorts with his more than ample bulge.

  11. Talli - Thanks for visiting and I'm really enjoying the challenge!

    Jan - Thanks for stopping by. I tried to find you but only saw some of your older blogs.

  12. Oh dear not you also, try as I might those pounds just won't shift,