Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jerks with Quirks

                                                                                                Julie Kemp Pick

 Before my mother met my father, she dated a man who took her to dinner at the finest restaurants, dancing at the chicest nightclubs, and treated her like a queen. He also helped her select exquisite outfits, and suggested she change her hairstyle, choosing just the perfect shade of blond. She was a redhead and preferred her style of dress, but went along with his suggestions, because he had impeccable taste, and she wanted to please him.

They continued to date for several months, and things were going very well, until her first meeting with his mother. They were mirrored images of each other. He wanted to marry his mother. Not that I would expect anything less from my boys, but he may have gone just a little too far. Thank goodness she met my dad, whose only quirk was to mow the lawn in his rust checked dress slacks while listening to the Cubs game on the radio.

Throughout the years, I dated my share of jerks with quirks. They include the coupon guy, the needy-handsy guy, and the lawyer who wouldn't speak in public. The number 1 jerk with a quirk award goes to my  sorority formal date. As dinner was being served, he got sick at the table, and passed out a few minutes later. He didn't wake up until after the dance had ended. Then he looked up at me and asked, "Did you have a good time?"

My single friends are still dating quirky guys in search of the perfect man. One of my friends complained that her date put his soup spoon back in the cup, instead of letting it rest on the saucer. I'm just happy to be married, and grateful that he doesn't throw the spoon in the garbage with the rest of the missing silverware.

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  1. How is it that we "perfect" gals always meet the strangest men..sometimes even marry them? It must be true that opposites attract.

  2. Very funny. I was single for five years after being married for 14. I dated some wierd ones for sure.

  3. Whoa - that would totally freak me out! Good thing she met his mother before it got TOO serious!

  4. Nine years after I was widowed I met someone whilst in England visiting my daughter(I was living in Spain at that time) He appeared to be the perfect gentleman and after keeping in touch by text , phone and emails and more visits set up home here in the UK. Where did this gentleman go? he turned into a violent person after he retired. At that time my son was diagnosed with cancer but I found somewhere else to live and left the violent man .
    I would dearly like to go back to Spain perhaps one day I will.

  5. As a married guy I'm glad my wife took the challenge that is me on ;)


  6. @mybabyjohn - I think you nailed it on the head!

    @Tonja - It does make life more interesting!

    @Talli - It was a good thing!

    @Yvonne - Glad you got away from him! Sorry about your son.

    @Elaine - Thanks for all of your support!

    @RJR - I'm sure she loves every minute of it!

  7. husband definately has his quirks, but for some reason I dont mind them too much anymore
    Happy Q day!

  8. Your sorority formal date made me laugh out loud, oh my! What a prince! ;)

    This was fun to read, great post.

  9. Thanks for your comment which is most welcomed.

    My son at the moment is clear of cancer so I keep my fingers crossed.

  10. @Baygirl32 - I think we get used to them, and some quirks are okay! Thanks for visiting me!

    @Julie - At least I got some good pictures before all the excitement started. Thanks!

    @Yvonne - Thank goodness your son is doing well!

  11. Everyone is eccentric in their own way I guess, but some are more annoying than others.

    I had a friend who was really great, except for the fact that he smoked, which meant that when we took business trips together we had to fly in the smoking section (yeah this was a few years ago). The quirkiest thing though was that he would smoke after eating, and stub his cigarette out on the plate, which isn't really the done thing.

  12. I love this story. Pretty amazing that your mom found a man with only one quirk. The best line had to be "Not that I would expect anything less from my boys"