Thursday, April 28, 2011

X - Boys

                                                                                                Julie Kemp Pick

When our boys were little, we created a growth chart on the basement wall. Each year we would measure them as they stood their straightest against the wall, and record it with an X. This was probably similar to the caveman's method, only less evolved.  As I was reviewing their progress, I was overwhelmed with memories.

It seems like only yesterday while we were having dinner, our firstborn was examining the polka dots on his placemat. He started counting the rows, and making calculations in his head. Then my husband asked him to explain what he was doing, and my boy waxed on about the rules of multiplication. He was only 3 years old.

When my younger son  was 4, he had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  A few days later, his pre-school class signed a get well card and the teacher was kind enough to bring it over. When I asked him if  he was happy that his class missed him and cared about him so much he replied, " They just did it cause the teacher made them."  This felt like it was straight out of a Leave It To Beaver episode.

Throughout the years they've done things that range from exasperating to exhilarating. Like the time my older son ran into a tree while playing football in junior high, and waited lying on the ground writhing in pain until his nose stopped bleeding. Then he came home and acted like everything was fine until I noticed the blood on his sweatshirt in the laundry bin. He was more afraid of worrying me, than the actual pain itself.

My younger son has had his share of injuries, but always jumps right back into the game. Now they are head to head on the growth chart at 19 and 22.  Soon they will be coming home for the summer; exactly where I want them to be.  

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  1. A good letter X post, most enjoyeble to read.

    Have a lovely day.

  2. They sound like great kids. Enjoy your time with them.

  3. Those growing x's make wonderful memories. Wishing you a joyful summer with your family.

  4. It sounds like you raised a tough bunch. :)

  5. Time goes by so fast. I wish I could keep my little guys little. Lovely post.

  6. Thanks Yvonne!

    @mybabyjohn - Thanks I definitely will!

    @Manzanita - Thank you and I wish you the best with your family!

    @Angela - They do have a high threshold for pain. Hopefully, their wives will appreciate it!

    @Tonja - Thanks Tonja! They do grow up fast!

    @Talli - Thanks Talli! Sorry your blog disappeared, but I'm happy that you're moving in with me! I've always wanted a virtual roommmate!

  7. What a sweet post, and a very creative one for X. Hope you have a wonderful summer with your boys. :)

  8. Time goes by so quickly - and your boys were very lucky to have such a wonderful mom. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  9. You had a smart kid there, multiplication at 3, I know a three year old and she has a hard time counting past 10! Memory posts are fun, thanks for sharing.

  10. Fun post. It's hard to believe how much your sons have grown, isn't it? I hope the one who was doing multiplication when he was three is a math or science major! Nice post. Thank you for sharing.

  11. @Julie - Thanks, I hope you have a great time with your family too!

    @Jeffrey - Thanks for the very kind words!

    Thanks Anon!

    @Spenc - I'm sure she's doing fine! Thanks, we were very surprised when it happened!

    @Susan - Thanks, he studied engineering and is now in law school.

  12. Aren't those "boys" wonderful? I too, have 3 grown sons and my first grandson on the way. I think we will begin a growth chart for him once he is big enough to stand :)

  13. Elayne, congratulations on the news of your first grandson! I read all about the reveal party, and really enjoyed it! I think you'll be plenty busy until you have to plan the growth chart! Julie

  14. Thanks for sharing your memories.