Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ode to "Q"

Questionable intentions were brought by he,
Quartet gently playing in the corner.
Qualifying his earnest pedigree,
Quick to satisfy his plea for her honor.  

Qualms from other gentlemen,
Quarreling over the prize.
Quiet as their majesty walked in,
Quaint appearances were much to surmise.

Quibbling over the princess's hand,
Queries from great distances away.
Quotient of suitable purveyors of the land,
Quintuplets soon lined up for their say.

Quarantine began after draining their cups,
Quagmire like no kingdom had seen.
Quilts were gathered to cover up,
Quirky King was really a Queen.


  1. This is just great all those q words, well done.


    1. Quite an elegant quake of "Q's!" :) Beautiful, charming poem… Julie you continue to amaze me with your talented skills as a writer. xoxo

    2. Laura, I really appreciate your support, and I hope that you're continuing to write too. I want to see more of your heartfelt poems out there! Thanks Laura! Julie xoxo

  2. Wow....just.....Wow.

  3. Quaint and quirky and qualifies as wonderful! Well played.

  4. I agree with everyone above. This was great.

  5. Love the last line. Amazing you were able to start every line with Q-words. You win!

  6. That was a lot of Qs! I didn't know so many Q words existed.

  7. It seems you had a bit of fun with this Quirky letter Q. Lovely!

  8. Wow! Quite an achievement. Well done ;-)

  9. That was a LOT of Qs, lady! Well done, and I love your surprise ending. Quintessentially quick-witted you are.

  10. Julie, I believe I've said this before: you've outdone yourself! This is absolutely brilliant, and I don't have a "q" word for it; you've used them all. It's poetic, hilarious (great last line shocker), and amazingly creative. WOW.=)


  11. You deserve a medal for all those Q's!

    1. Thanks Alex, and you deserve one for your co-hosting achievements! Julie

    2. I never knew you could have so much fun with the letter Q.

  12. Thanks so much Yvonne!

    Delores - I just wrote a poem, while you've been cooking your way through the alphabet! WOW to you and your lucky husband! Thanks Delores!

    L.G. - Thanks for the triple Q compliment!

    Thanks Shelly!

    Lynn - No one's ever called me "masterful" before! I'll have to show this to my kids! Thanks Lynn!

    Thanks fellow Empty Nester!

    Stephen - I doubt that there is anything that I know that you don't already know, oh master of the universe! Thanks Stephen!

    Lee - It was fun! Sadly this isn't the last letter of the alphabet, and I still haven't rolled out my "R" yet! Thanks Lee!

    Gossip Girl - Thanks for the kind words and for following me! I'll be over later!

    Thanks so much Rosalind!

    Susan - That's quite a compliment coming from such a "quitessentially quick-witted" woman like yourself! Thanks for not writing this in amateur radio speak or I'd still be trying to make sense of it!

    Robyn - Everything that you've just said could be directly applied to you! I love your writing style and value your friendship. Thanks for making my day! Julie

  13. Wow Julie, that was amazing what a true talent you have!

  14. This is so creative Julie, I'm giving you a standing ovation here! Totally awesome. :)

  15. Jen - I really appreciate your kind words Jen!

    Julie - Thanks for being so supportive, and it's so much fun cheering each other on!

    Thanks so much Yvonne!

  16. Good gosh! I had no idea there that many Q words! Good job, Julie!

  17. And then they all went to the Quiznos in Quebec where they Quaffed Quiche so foul they got Queasy.
    Very talented, clever bit of poetry!
    NOTE: I know you can't Quaff food, but I needed a 'Q.'

  18. Nancy - I also liked your tips on queries! Thanks Nancy!

    Al - Then you haven't seen me eat! Love your alliteration in Q's! You are the Quintessential King of Banter, and Commodore of Comments. Maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead and say thank you! Julie