Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Visitors

Visiting Versailles on his Vespa,
Versace clad with favorite boy in tow.
Van heading right in their direction,
Vladie didn't feel a thing from his throw.

Veins pumping full of medications,
Valium surging through the mighty drip.
Vaccines wouldn't really make a difference,
Valleys high and low were on his trip.

Vilmer still reported missing,
Villagers searched throughout the land.
Venom plagued his inner being,
Variable fates for his right hand man.

Veronica pleaded his forgiveness,
Vixen swore she couldn't see a thing.
Valor was something that he stood for,
Velcro kept him seated atop a doughnut ring.

Voice muted as he tried to whisper,
Vanquished of the sounds that dripped like honey.
Victoriously recovered whole but fractured,
Ventriloquist smiled as words flowed from his dummy.



  1. There are some truly amazing lines in here! Thank you for sharing.

  2. An excellent most cleverly written poem. Loved the read.


  3. that was lovely to read ..Keep it up !

  4. "Variable fates for his right hand man"...love the clue!

  5. My goodness - you've done so well with all the V words!

  6. Vivid, vivacious...a veritable volley of verbosity!! Very fun!

  7. Very nice posting and poem and the V words.

  8. This is my favorite poem yet. Excellent!!

  9. Verily, verily, you are a very versatile versifier. Great pool of V words, and a super poem to pull 'em all together.

  10. WOW! What a plethora of 'V" words...good for you and I know that was hard work but so well done!

  11. Hi Julie. Lots of wonderful V words in this poem.

  12. Thanks Susanne!

    Tracy - Thanks for the words of encouragement Tracy!

    Susan - Thanks for your high alliterative praise Susan!

    Thanks so much Julie!

    Thanks Lynn!

    Thanks Gossip Girl!

    L.G. - " A veritable volley of verbosity!" Now that's poetry! Thanks L.G.!

    Thanks Tonja!

    Thanks Talli!

    Thanks Mary!

    Donna - Nice of you to notice! Thanks Donna!

    Thanks Youmna!

    Thanks Yvonne!

    mmshaunakelly - Thanks for the kind words and for following me! I look forward to getting to know you! Julie

  13. Wow you managed to get sooo many V words in there and still make tons of sense!
    love it!

    1. It's nice to make sense for a change! Thanks Nutschell!

  14. I could visualize the scenes and then at the end it changed. What fun to read!

  15. Loveofwords - Glad you liked the surprise ending! Thanks so much!

    Alex - Thought I'd try to throw it in! Thanks Alex!

    Nancy - I just made a list of "V" words and tried to put them together. Thanks Nancy!

  16. Lots of "V" words. Thrilling though till the very end.

  17. Fabulous use of the letter V! I know you put a lot more time into your V post than I did for mine.

    Catch My Words

  18. I wish I could do that! I am totally envious of your talent.

  19. Munir - Thanks for the compliment, and I appreciate your visit!

    Joyce - You are a dedicated teacher with lots of obligations. I admire you for even attempting the challenge in the midst of everything. Besides your posts are always good, and I'll be over shortly. Thanks Joyce!

    Jen - YOU have many talents including writing, gardening, photography, and I'm sure there are others I don't know about! I just had fun with this poem. Thanks so much Jen! Julie

  20. Julie ~One of your more powerful poems. I was really moved by this one. Forget the "v's", it was the content that moved me…Nice work… xoxo :)))