Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zipping Thru Z's


  Zeke contemplated the finale, 
Zig-zagging through A to Y.
Zealous in pursuit of letter Z,
Zany images appeared before his eyes.

Zebras viewing humans behind bars,
Zoos displaying "Don't feed mankind" signs.
Zebus with hump reduction scars,
Zounds abounds with nonsensical finds.

Zeppelin transporting all the hosts.
Zooming in on those with incompletes.
Zenith Zoysia sprouting along the coast,
Zeke's a hero who knows zero about defeat.

Zip-lining across the World Wide Web,
Zombies in Zoot suits swooping in for clues.
Zeus' Zodiac fleet descends upon his bed,
Zonked out on Z-Pak waging war as he snoozed.


  1. Wonderful Z poem, most cleverly written.

    Congrats on finishing the challenge.


  2. Gosh Yvonne, here I thought there were no suitabe Z's and you just proved me wrong! Great job!

  3. Very beautifully written :)
    Great Z post ...and I had a wonderful time reading your posts :)

  4. Hi Julie! Great Z post for wrapping up the A to Z Challenge. Have an awesome day!


  5. Wow, lots of "Z" words....great job and congrats on getting from A to Z.

  6. That was very creative. I also read your post about vacations and your dad. So interesting. Great blog. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Play off the Page

  7. amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing--i have so enjoyed your blogs--congrats!!

  8. Zat waz very zatisfying. Actually, I think I like this one the best. Also, I'll be saying Zounds! all day. :))

  9. Great way to wrap up the challenge! Go Julie!

  10. So cute! Congrats on making it through!

  11. Fantastic way to wrap things up! Your posts were so wonderful this month, Julie. It's been fun going through another A-Z with you!

  12. Fantastic verse, a great way to end the challenge.

  13. Can't believe you came up with so many Z words that worked!
    Congratulations - you beat the Challenge.

  14. Yvonne - Congratulations to you too! Thanks for all of your support!

    Thanks Tracy and it was fun getting to know you thru A to Z!

    Youmna - I enjoyed reading your posts too, and it was fun taking the challenge with you! Thanks Youmna!

    Thanks Susanne, and I appreciate all of your support!

    Tonja - Thanks for making A to Z so much fun! I really looked forward to our daily visits!

    Delores - Congratulations to you too, and I hope you get a break in the kitchen! Thanks for making this a great 2nd year!

    Mary - Thanks for the kind words, and I appreciate the follow!

    Lynn - I'm so happy we met, and look forward to staying in touch! Thanks for everything!

    L.G. - Thanks for making A to Z zounds of fun!

    Valerie - Thanks and you've done a great job too!

    EmptyNester - Congrats to you too, and I'm glad we reconnected this month!

    Julie - Thanks for everything, and I've really had a wonderful time with you this month!

    Rekha - Thanks so much Rekha!

    Alex - Another great year of co-hosting, and I really appreciate all of your encouraging visits. I still don't know how you continued to make the time when you responded to over 100 comments a day! Thanks again Alex!

  15. Woo HOO! Congratulations on making it to the finish line! You ran the whole challenge with such ... zing, too. Every one of your posts was fun to read. Great job. Now, I believe it's time to take a nap. Or, since Z is the letter for the day ... time to catch some zees.

  16. OMC - I never knew there were so many Z words. Congratulations on finishing the assignment. Good job.

  17. That was fun to read and very original. I bet we're all feeling Zonked out now the challenge has ended.

  18. Great & what a fun way to finish the challenge, thanks :)

  19. I fear I'm going to be seeing "Z" in my dreams tonight.

  20. Zat was lovely. Who knew there were so many Z words? Congratulations on completing the challenge!

  21. What a zany sippy zigzaggy finish to A to Z! Congrats on making across the finish line :)

  22. I couldn't have thought of that many Z's!
    Great way to finish!

    1. Jen - I'm so glad that we met during the challenge, and I look forward to seeing more of you on your inspirational site! You're amaZing too, and you really helped make this fun! Julie

  23. Susan - We met at the last A to Z when you were just a cheerleader! Not only did you participate this time, but you hit a home run with each and every post! Thanks for still cheering me on Susan!

    Mary - Thanks for all of your encouraging comments, and for hanging in there with me!

    DayDreamer - It was great meeting you at the challenge, and yes it was enough to zonk us out!

    Thanks Anita!

    Libby - I think you'll be too exhausted to care! So glad we met during A to Z and I can't wait to find out what happens with Tough Girl!

    Nicki - Congrats to you too, and thanks for following me!

    Thanks so much Susanna! Julie

  24. Twenty z's, at least. I dub thee Grand Champion. Very clever Julie.

  25. What a grand grand finale. You really shined with this series, Julie. I agree with Nancy - How do you do that?? CONGRATULATIONS!


  26. Thanks Ro!

    Nancy - I just open up a dictionary! Thanks Nancy, and it's been fun sharing this experience with you!

    Gene Pool Diva - Thanks for your extremely generous compliment! I'm still laughing from your post yesterday!

    Robyn - You are an amazing writer and poet! Thanks for all of your support! Julie

  27. Zany but zestful...
    Now that's what I call going out with a... BANG!
    Great ending to this rollercoaster ride through the alphabet.
    I really enjoyed getting to know you better, and also enjoyed and looked forward to your special brand of humour...
    Thanks for visiting my place during the challenge! I will definitely pop in regularly, to check out more of your posts!

  28. That was great, all the Z's mixed it and you did it wonderully. Although poor Zorro feels left out I suppose..haha

  29. Zoinks!

    What a clever way to finish A-Z :)

    Well done, that was a great poem... it didn't make me feel like taking a nap or catching some zzz's at all :)

  30. Michelle - I really enjoyed getting to know you too! Your inventive theme never missed a beat, and was so well played out! Thanks for visiting often and always leaving an encouraging word! I'm so glad that you'll continue to pop in, and I will definitely do the same!

    Pat - I hope it doesn't affect his swordplay! Thanks Pat Hatt!

    Mark - Nah, your kids would never let you do a crazy thing like take a nap! Thanks Mark! Julie

  31. Julie ~ Your imagination took off on this one~ sort of felt a little triply~lol Nice job with those zzzzzzzzz. Now you can rest. :) xoxoxo