Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tripping Over T's


Trolling for treats,
Tricks that fuel desires.
Turn up the heat,
Thrust wood into the fire.

Tortured by guilt,
Traumatized by pleasure.
Torn from foundations built,
Trusted vows so treasured.

Tender tongues transpire,
Traveling to uncharted places.
Tasting new flavors never tires,
Traces drizzled on content faces.

Treading waves once more,
Tempted for a life sub par.
Trembling as he opens the back door,
Trapped with her hand in the cookie jar.


  1. Great poem, wonderful to read.
    A good post for "T"


  2. That's a lot of Tricky "T's". Good job.

  3. Good poem. What letter are you on again? he he - just kidding. Good job.

  4. Oh, I like this. Terrifically tempted to read it twice. :)

  5. tell me again the letter today--great stuff

  6. Tantalizingly torturous...totally!

  7. Great poem. I love the last line.

  8. That must've been a lot of work getting all those T's sorted. Good job. Visiting from the A to Z Challenge.

  9. Very much like it, especially the cookie jar line!

  10. Libby - I have been caught with chocolate on my hands once or twice! Thanks Libby!

    Rossandra - I actually had fun doing it, and decided to write a few for the challenge. Thanks for following me, and I'll be over to visit you soon!

    Thanks Jen!

    Joy - Thank you and I appreciate you stopping by!

    Thanks Empty Nester!

    Lynn - Too funny! Thanks Lynn!

    LG - Extra points for the totally terrific alliteration! Thanks LG!

    Mary - I've done two of these and have at least one more coming up, so I'm starting to confuse myself too! Thanks Mary!

    Delores - Last year I wrote a darker "T" poem, and some people thought that it was based on my life, so I thought I'd try a lighter version this time. Thanks Delores!

    Thanks Yvonne!

    Donna - Some other good "T" words! Thanks Donna!

  11. I just love your poems and, as always, the last line is excellent. You're such a great writer, Julie! :)

  12. hello, ms partner in crime! no mention of tuck-ins over here, i see. that's probably for the best. not everyone can pull off being as tack as our friend al.

  13. they are all so much fun but that last stanza with your hand caught in the cookie jar is priceless...hah! love it!

  14. Julie - Thanks so much and I love your writing too!

    Sherilin - He is quite entertaining! Thanks for stopping by Sherilin!

    Tracy - Thanks Tracy, and it's probably good that we don't have a cookie jar, but we always have chocolate chip cookies around! Julie

  15. Ohhhhh, you mean FIREwood!
    That other kind hurt like hell.
    Nice job!

  16. I am so glad you and Sherilin met. She's a hoot, ain't she?
    And I don't mean owl.

    1. Al - Extra points for picking up on the double entendre! Sherilin is a "hoot," and we'll always have the story about how your ingenious post brought us together! Thanks Al!

  17. Greetings Julie,
    Terrific! A tongue-tripping treat testimony to tender tempting text.
    A wide range of sensations within your wonderfully written prose. A delight to read and thank you.
    In kindness and happy writing, your way, Gary

  18. Yet again, I'm so impressed. I laughed at the last line too. Your alliterative rhymes equate with terrifically creative fun. And yet this one has a sexy deviance to it. Very well done, Julie!


  19. Hi Julie. Great letter T post. You get a +++ for so many T words. : )

  20. Gary - I think you and Alex just gave me a great start for my next tumultuous country song! Thanks Gary!

    Alex - Get your guitar ready, we're setting this to music! Thanks Alex!

    Robyn - Aren't you the originator of the "sexy deviance" mixed with chocolate combo?! Thanks Robyn!

    Thanks for the high rating Susanne!

  21. Great alliteration. Terribly tremendous tone!

    Catch My Words

  22. Alex is good too! Now try and say the poem quickly. Great practice for diction.

  23. Joyce - Thanks for the "T" trifecta!

    Thanks Ruth!

    Love of Words - I agree that Alex is very quick-witted! It is tough, but S's are much tougher! Thanks Love of Words! Julie