Monday, April 23, 2012


         As Ursula was getting ready for school, her mother told her to bring an umbrella, because the forecast called for rain. Ursula always carried a heavy backpack to high school, and had no desire to increase her load. Taking no chances, her mother handed her an umbrella as she walked out the door.

On her way home the sky looked foreboding, but Ursula still thought she'd have time to pick up some art supplies before she headed home. Moments later, she felt someone walking too closely behind her, but was relieved that it was a familiar face. Brody was also walking into town, and suggested that they make a stop along the way.

He needed to pick up his wallet at home, so Ursula agreed to keep him company. She offered to wait outside, but he insisted that she come in for a minute. Since she had known him from their  grammar school days she decided to go inside. Brody disappeared into another room, and came out smelling like he was wearing his dad's aftershave. He was also trying to move to the  rhythm of the romantic music he put on.

Ursula couldn't help but giggle, and this made Brody very angry. He threw her on the couch and started wrestling with her.  Fortunately her umbrella was nearby, so she hit him with it and quickly ran out.

She was pretty shaken, but still decided to head over to the art supply store which was only a few blocks away. After Ursula called her mom to tell her that she was running late, an elderly woman asked her for the time. Before Ursula could look at her watch, she absconded with her cell phone.

 When Ursula demanded it back she cried, "What are you gonna do, beat up an old lady?" Then she grabbed the woman, but she stuck out her cane in defense. Thus Ursula countered with her umbrella. The old woman held up her purse as a shield, and started poking Ursula with her cane. Ursula protected herself with her backpack, and knocked her purse out of her hand. Before she could reach in to grab her phone, the old lady tried to bite her, and her teeth fell out. While she was looking for her dentures in the pouring rain, Ursula retrieved her phone,

Consequently she couldn't open up her umbrella, so she threw it in the trash, and ran home amidst the thunder and lightning. When her mother saw that Ursula was soaked to the bone she said, "So you left the umbrella in your locker when I told you it was going to rain. See what happens when you don't listen to your mother?"                                                    


  1. Aloha JUlie,

    That was Utterly wonderful and quirky story - I loved it :)

    Thanks for the follow and I'm doing the same.

    PS... Thanks for the very kind words on my blog - I really appreciate them :)

  2. A wonderful story for the U letter. most enjoyable.


  3. I am ROFL...I hope its not a true story, it would be something that could happen to me when younger, except the Brody part.

  4. That was terrific.

  5. I love the ending. Isn't that the way it always goes!

  6. LOL, very funny. Poor Ursula!
    I had to laugh about the old thief looking for her dentures in the pouring rain, served her right. :)

  7. You goof. Fun story, but I think my favorite part is when Brody comes out of the next room smelling like aftershave and moving to the rhythm of the music. I think I would have run right then. :)

  8. Funny story. My husband always tries to get the kids to take umbrellas - there's no place to put them at school without soaking their lockers - very inconvenient. Good your character found a good use for it. :)

  9. such a great story---umbrellas are strange creatures aren't they

  10. That was really hilarious
    Amazing U post :)

  11. LOL! Poor Ursula. Poor lost umbrella.

  12. Lee - It did have a lot of wear and tear!

    Thanks Youmna!

    Lynn - I never liked carrying an umbrella before, but now I might need to! Thanks Lynn!

    Tonja - Raincoats would probably be a lot easier. Thanks Tonja!

    LG - It might have saved her umbrella in the end! Thanks LG!

    Julie - It would have been pretty embarrassing if Ursula lost the fight! I thought the fallen dentures would make for a quick getaway! Thanks Julie!

    Thanks Carol!

    Yvonne - Yes, we'd still get in trouble no matter what! Thanks Yvonne!

    Thanks so much Delores!

    Rekha - No it's not a true story. I'm not that skillful with an umbrella! Thanks Rekha!

    Thanks Yvonne!

    Mark - Thanks so much Mark, and I appreciate the follow! Hope to see more of you! Julie

  13. My post was umbrella today also. We should have "someone" count how many umbrella posts there were today!

  14. Funny! My mother always used to say to me, "Listen to your mother!" I try never to do that to my son. And he rarely listens to me.

  15. Paula - Thanks and I appreciate the visit! I'll head over to you soon!

    Alex - Thanks for another enjoyable stopover!

    Donna - Oh I'll have to read yours! It would be fun to count!

    Nancy - I'm sure I've let it slip a few times, and it didn't help. Thanks Nancy! Julie

  16. This is such a great story! I really enjoy your style of writing.

  17. This was an interesting story. I like the name "Brody". It was my son's nickname when he was little. :)

    Have a great week!

  18. Gina - Thanks for the kind words and for the visit!

    Suzanne - Brody is a very cute nickname! Nice to meet you, and thanks for following me! Julie